Dollar Jewelry from Lauren Vanessa Tickle

Do you want fashion jewelery? Then look for a new line of jewelry from Lauren Vanessa Tickle, which are made, not of gold and diamonds, and of the real dollar bills. Lauren was able to make such a mundane and routine thing as money, a masterpiece of art. It is worth seeing connoisseurs!

1-dollar-jewelry-from-lauren-vanessa-tickle 2-dollar-jewelry-from-lauren-vanessa-tickle 3-dollar-jewelry-from-lauren-vanessa-tickle 4-dollar-jewelry-from-lauren-vanessa-tickle 5-dollar-jewelry-from-lauren-vanessa-tickle 6-dollar-jewelry-from-lauren-vanessa-tickle 7-dollar-jewelry-from-lauren-vanessa-tickle 8-dollar-jewelry-from-lauren-vanessa-tickle

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