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15 Photos That Prove That Dogs Are the Most Faithful Pets

Dog – this is the only animal on earth that loves you more than himself. She was not born yet, but we are already committed. In puppy eyes still closed, and he was already trust us.

Dogs – the most honest and sincere animals. When the dog feels that you are not up to him, he can lie still for hours on the sidelines and wait for your attention. When the dog sees you in sorrow, she lays her head on your lap and read in her eyes: “You hurt? Big deal! Go for a walk, and let it be! ”

Photo Vide collected photographs, after watching that you will want to get a dog.

15 Photos That Prove That Dogs Are the Most Faithful Pets:

dogs-faithful-pets 01

Stasha Becker
4-year-old Julian and his huge one 5-year-old Max Newfoundland grow together.

dogs-faithful-pets 02

Schoep and John
Old Shep dog asleep on the breast of his master John Unger. Only water dog arthritis patients could relax, forget about the pain and sleep. John took her every day on the lake.

dogs-faithful-pets 03

KIMT News 3
Dog of the deceased military lies in his coffin at the funeral in Rockford, Iowa. August 19, 2011

dogs-faithful-pets 04

Andrea Gjestvang
Iselin Rosa Borja survivor massacre Anders Breivik at a youth camp on the island Uteya. “After I started to torment Uteya monstrous nightmares, I became afraid of the dark and almost could not sleep properly. Then my mother and I decided to get another dog. ”

dogs-faithful-pets 05

Joanne Lefson
Oscar and his mistress journalist Joanna Lefson – travelers. Together they traveled to 32 countries around the world.

dogs-faithful-pets 06

Every day, a two-year Bo and his dog Theo fall asleep together, and mother of their photographs.

dogs-faithful-pets 07

Specially trained dogs in an American dental clinics to help young patients cope with fear.

dogs-faithful-pets 08

Sarah Beth
Touching moment of farewell. The dying dog and his master.

dogs-faithful-pets 09

Ibrahim Canakci
Travelers in Istanbul.

dogs-faithful-pets 10

Pomeranian named Boo, more like a teddy bear – the most popular dog Facebook.

dogs-faithful-pets 11
And do well when there are a friend who spoils the photos.
dogs-faithful-pets 12

Who does not throw any age, any disease.

dogs-faithful-pets 13

Whom we trust.

dogs-faithful-pets 14
Do not worry, everything will be!
dogs-faithful-pets 15

Let’s have some fun!


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  1. Dogs most sensitive creatures. And intelligence: the ability to learn almost throughout the dog’s life is amazing.

  2. How nice to see the pictures and read the article about the really smart, devoted and useful animals, and that their “cats” all Internet dirtied already just from the pictures cat begins to turn out for me personally (….

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