The Deepest Locations on Earth

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Where is the deepest location on Earth? So it is far from the center of the Earth? If put to Everest if he will rise above the Earth’s surface?

Today, let’s deal with the deepest places, holes, wells, caves, wells in the world, natural and man-made.

20 meters

Here are the famous Paris Catacombs – a network of underground tunnels and winding pescheriskusstvennogo type near Paris. The total length according to various sources – from 187 to 300 kilometers. Since the end of XVIII century in the catacombs the remains of nearly six million people.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

40 meters

Hotel Terme Millepini in Italy chose this bold strategy by digging a tunnel 40 meters depth for diving enthusiasts and divers. This Y-40 pool. The most interesting moment of the deepest Y-40 pool is that it is filled with thermal water, and has an excellent temperature of 33 degrees Celsius.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

105.5 meters

Such depth station Kiev Metro “Arsenal” , which is located on Svyatoshinsko-Brovarskoy line between stations “Hreshatik” and “Dnepr”. It is the deepest metro station in the world.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

122 meters

Tree roots can penetrate to such depths. The tree with the deepest roots – wild ficus growing in Echo Keyvz near Ohrigstad, South Africa. This tree grows in South Africa. Its roots go deep at almost 122 meters.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

230 meters

The deepest river. This is the Congo – a river in central Africa. Downstream Congo breaks through South Guinea elevation in deep narrow (of no more than 300 meters) gorge forming waterfalls Livingstone (overall drop of 270 meters), the depth of 230 meters up in this area and more, which makes Congo deepest river in the world .

The Deepest Locations on Earth

240 meters

This railway tunnel Tunnel Seikan in Japan length 53.85 km. The tunnel goes down to a depth of about 240 meters, 100 meters below the seabed It is the most deeply buried below the sea floor and the second longest (after the Gotthard Base Tunnel) railway tunnel in the world.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

287 meters

Deeper still is Eyksunnsky road tunnel laid along the bottom of the Stor Fjord in the Norwegian province Møre og Romsdal, and connects the city Eyksunn Ryanes. Started construction in 2003, the opening ceremony took place on February 17, 2008, a full-fledged movement opened February 23, 2008. With a length of 7765 m tunnel reaches a depth of 287 meters below sea level – is the deepest tunnel in the world. The slope of the roadway reaches 9.6%.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

382 meters

Vudingdin (Woodingdean) – eastern suburb of Brighton and Hove, located in East Sussex, England. It is notable for it is the fact that its territory is the deepest well in the world , hand-dug between 1858-1862 years. The depth of the well is 392 meters.

Of course, he does not look so picturesque, it is merely an illustration.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

603 meters

“Cave of dizziness” Vrtoglavitsa in the Julian Alps. It is located on the territory of Slovenia, near the border with Italy). The cave is open joint Slovenian-Italian group of speleologists in 1996. The cave is the deepest in the world karst well , its depth – 603 meters.

It easily fit the North Tower of the World Trade Centers in New York (its height – 417 meters, and taking into account the antenna installed on the roof – 526.3 m).

If you accidentally fall into the hole, it is possible to reach the bottom in 11 seconds.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

700 meters

33 miners were under the rubble as a result of the collapse of the San Jose mine on August 5, 2010. They held in captivity at a depth of 700 meters more than 2 months and almost 3 weeks the number of dead. As a result, the 40-day operation was drilled to rescue the Chilean miners.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

970 meters

This is the biggest hole dug in the earth , from the bottom of which you can still see the sky. Quarry Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah is one of the world’s largest anthropogenic (man dug) education. After more than 100 years of production formed a large crater 970 meters deep and 4 km wide. Such a unique canyon was added to the National Historic Landmark in 1966.

In this quarry entirely fit the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world ever created, whose height is 828 meters. And not just fit, but also with its “crown” to the surface will be more than 140 meters.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

April 10, 2013 a huge block of land and broke and rushed into the huge pit artificial Bingham Canyon in Utah. Approximately 65 – 70 million cubic meters of earth rattled by shaft walls, reaching speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour. The event was so powerful that it shook the ground – triggered seismic sensors that recorded an earthquake. The intensity was measured 2.5 on the Richter scale.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

1642 meters

Lake Baikal – the deepest lake in the world. Current value of the maximum depth of the lake – 1642 m.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

1857 meters

Grand Canyon – one of the deepest canyons in the world. Located on the Colorado Plateau, Arizona, USA. Depth – more than 1800 m.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

2199 meters

So we got to the deepest caves in the world. This cave Krubera (Crow) – the only known cave in the world deeper than 2 kilometrov.Osnovnoy entrance to the cave is situated at an altitude of about 2,250 meters above sea level.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

3132 meters

To date, the deepest mine is Moab Khotsong in South Africa , located south-west of Johannesburg. Its depth is 3 kilometers from the small. To the bottom of the lift is 4.5 minutes, but you can speed up the process: if a person accidentally falls here, then fly to the bottom takes him 25 seconds.

The Deepest Locations on Earth

3600 meters

At this depth it was found living organism. About a hundred years ago, the English scientist Edward Forbes insisted that below 500 meters no living creatures. But in 2011 in a gold mine in South Africa worms-nematodes were found Halicephalobus mephisto . The second title of the 0.5 mm creatures – “the worm from hell.”

The Deepest Locations on Earth

4500 meters

The deepest of the world mines are located in South Africa, “Tau Tona”, “Witwatersrand” – depth of over 4,500 m, Western Deep Levels Mine (West mine deep bedding) – 3900 m (the company De Beers), “Mponeng” – 3800 m of the miners. We have to work in extreme conditions. Heat up to 60 ° C, and at such a depth constantly exists the danger of explosions and water breakthrough. In these mines, mine gold. Travel here it takes the miners about 1 hour.

By the way, on the field “Witwatersrand” are from 25 to 50% of the mined gold in the world. Mining is carried out including the deepest mine of the world, “Tau-Ton” – its depth is more than 4.5 km, the temperature in the mines is 52 degrees.

Zolotonosnosnoy piece of ore mined at the deposit:

The Deepest Locations on Earth

Moving on. Next will be very deep.

10994 meters

Mariana Trench (or Marianas Trench) – oceanic deep trough in the western Pacific, the deepest known on Earth. It called on to nearby Mariana Islands. The deepest point of the Mariana Trench – “Challenger Deep”. According to measurements of 2011, its depth is 10,994 meters below sea level.

It is very deep. If here could be put Everest height of 8848 meters, then from its top to the surface it would still have more than 2 km.

Yes, the world is a place of which we know much less than that of deep space – mysterious ocean floor . It is believed that the world science really has not even study it …

At a depth of 11 kilometers. At the bottom of the water pressure reaches 108.6 MPa, which is about 1072 times greater than normal atmospheric pressure on the oceans level.

The Deepest Locations on Earth


12262 meters

We got to the deepest well in the world. It Kola ultradeep well . It is located in the Murmansk region, 10 kilometers west of the city of Zapolyarny. Unlike other ultra-deep wells that were drilled for oil production or exploration work, the SG-3 was drilled exclusively with scientific research purposes in the place where the Moho comes close to the Earth’s surface.

At five kilometers depth of the ambient temperature exceeds 70 ° C, for seven – 120 ° C, and at a depth of 12 kilometers fixed sensors 220 ° C.

Kola ultradeep well, 2007:

The Deepest Locations on Earth

Kola ultradeep served as a source of urban legends about the “pit in hell.” This urban legend goes on the Internet, at least since 1997. in English for the first time the legend was announced in 1989, the air Trinity Broadcasting Network of the American television, which took the story from the report of the Finnish newspaper published in “April Fool’s Day.” According to this legend in itself thicker than the earth, at a depth of 12,000 meters, the scientists microphones recorded the cries and moans. The tabloids write that this “voice from the underworld.” Kola ultradeep wells became known as “the road to hell” – every new kilometer drilled brought unhappiness country.

If this hole is something to drop, 50 seconds will pass before this “something” will fall to the bottom.

It was she, herself well (brewed), August 2012:

The Deepest Locations on Earth

12376 meters

Well Chayvo Z-44 , which was drilled in the territory of Russia on Sakhalin Island, is considered the deepest in the world’s oil wells. She goes to a depth of about 13 kilometers – this depth is comparable with the height of 14.5 Burj Khalifa, which is still the highest in the world. It is the deepest hole, which could drill humanity .

The Deepest Locations on Earth

At this point, it is the deepest place in the world . And it is only at a depth of 12.4 km. A lot of it? Recall that the average distance to the center of the Earth will be 6371.3 kilometers …