Deckchair in stop motion


Ikea does not approve of: a fascinating video story about how you can make a sunbed.

Most of us do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to light there are tables, chairs and other furniture made of wood. Fortunately, there are people like Frank Howard of Portland, which combines the two talents: art dereobrabotki and director. With this stop motion video Frank showed the world how you can build a wooden deck chair. Inconvenient, time-consuming, and in some cases even painful process of building a beach attribute was he lovingly documented in a 9-minute video, which clearly shows how the raw wood magically transformed into a finished product.

Pulley, consisting of 12,000 personnel, may well become a training video for amateurs and professionals working with wood. It is noteworthy that in the frames can hardly find any human presence, so it seems that the construction process runs mysterious invisible man. What is left over, see the link .