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“The Day Dreamer” Photography Series by Gerald Larocque

Gerald Larocque photographic imagery is compiled of a conceptual and surrealistic nature, addressing eruptions of his unconscious and suppressed memories. His imagery contest and pushes the boundaries of the photographic process, or image processing. Gerald’s works are driven by a painteresque lens, mainly romanticism, confronting sublime notions of mythology, religion, and spirituality. In terms the imagery is a quotation of part era’s: borrowing aspects, concepts, and styles, combining contemporary practices.

“The Day Dreamer” Photography Series by Gerald Larocque:

day-dreamer 01 day-dreamer 02 day-dreamer 03 day-dreamer 04 day-dreamer 05 day-dreamer 06 day-dreamer 07 day-dreamer 08 day-dreamer 09 day-dreamer 10 day-dreamer 11 day-dreamer 12

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