Awesome Day Of The Dead Tattoos

Generally, people associate Day Of The Dead tattoos with beautiful women with their faces painted as skulls. While this is probably the most well-known and currently popular expression of the Day of the Dead, it’s only one of many. In fact, Day of the Dead tattoos can come in any style from the classic American Traditional tattoos, to comic book styles or Chicano.

Day Of The Dead (or Dia de Los Muertos in Spanish) is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the lives of the deceased, the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Dia de Los Muertos is a joyous and sacred time, a time to welcome the souls of the dead; it is a celebration in which the living and the dead are joined if even for a short while.

Awesome Day Of The Dead Tattoos:

daydeadtattoos-01-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-02-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-03-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-04-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-05-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-06-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-07-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-08-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-09-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-10-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-11-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-12-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-13-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-14-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-15-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-16-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-17-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-18-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-19-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-20-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos daydeadtattoos-21-awesome-day-of-the-dead-tattoos

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