David Bowie Some Rare Photographs

On Monday in London came the sad news that has become one of the most important, not only in Britain but also in the world – 70, died one of the most famous musicians of the twentieth century, David Bowie. The last 18 months he unsuccessfully fought against cancer, but only a few days ago, January 8, the day of his birth has released his latest album – Blackstar.

Some rare photographs from the life of a famous musician David Bowie.

David’s vocal abilities in the school choir was assessed as “satisfactory”, play the flute better than average. But at the age of 9 he began attending classes opened music and choreography, which showed amazing creativity: teachers called his interpretations “vividly artistic” and his coordination “astonishing” for a child.

David Bowie Some Rare Photographs:

1. David Bowie and singer Dana Gillespie, May 17, 1971. (Photo by Michael Stroud):


In the same year, his interest in music was an added incentive. Father brought home a collection of American Frankie Lymon’s records and The Teenagers, The Platters, Fats Domino and Little Richard. Later, Bowie says about «Tutti Frutti»: «I have heard of God.” The big impression on him made a Elvis Presley.

2. David Bowie, February 3, 1973. (Photo by Evening Standard):


At age 15, David Bowie formed his first band The Kon-rads, playing rock ‘n’ roll with a guitar on the basis of local parties and weddings.

3. David Bowie concert in London on July 3, 1973. (Photo by Steve Wood | Express):


Bowie released his first album in 1967 on the label Deram Records, calling it a David Bowie. It was a mixture of pop, psychedelia, and music hall.

4. The musician David Bowie and his wife Angie, July 9, 1973. (Photo Smith | Express):


Not like anyone David Bowie constantly changing, without focusing on a particular musical style. He moved forward, creating fashion, music styles such as glam rock.

6. David Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson. Live concert on television in London. (Photo by Jack Kay | Daily Express | Hulton Archive):


David Bowie refined androgynous appearance, he had different eyes, gray and brown, he is left-handed, but the guitar playing as a right-hander.

7. Live concert on television in London. David Bowie dressed as the “Angel of Death”, 20 October 1973. (Photo by Jack Kay | Express):


David Bowie a huge number of names. One of the most famous characters invented by him in 1972 – Ziggy Stardust. Star alien Ziggy. Red and blue zipper on his face, crazy hair.

8. David Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson concert in 1973.


The first fame came to David Bowie in 1969, when his song Space Oddity hit the top 5 UK charts, and the first great success – in 1972, thanks to the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

9. 1974. (Photo by Terry O’Neill):


Over the years, Bowie worked with such legends of rock music like John Lennon and Brian Eno.

10. David Bowie plays his hit Rebel Rebel in a Dutch studio in 1974. (Photo by Barry Schultz | Sunshine):


In 1970 Bowie – a mega-star. He is one of the three most popular British singers with Lennon and Elton John.

11. Concert at Wembley Stadium on May 27, 1976. (Photo by Evening Standard):


12. In contrast, The Beatles, who created a legend about his trip to the USSR, David Bowie really made ​​such a trip. Musician explained it simply: after touring in Japan in 1973, he returned to the Trans-Siberian Express. While Bowie did not fly airplanes alleged he predicted that he would die in a plane crash.


13. David Bowie visited on Red Square, near the mausoleum. Girlfriend, he writes about the red flags of the Communists and the people marching, united by a common idea. Bowie enjoyed this journey so that in three years he came into the Union with Iggy Popp.


In 1980 he was again in first place with a single Ashes To Ashes, in 2000 in the polls has become one of the most influential musicians.

14. World Tour 1978. (Photo by Richard E. Aaron | Redferns):


In 2002, the musician took 29th place in the list of “One Hundred Greatest Britons” according to the BBC. After two year, Rolling Stone magazine put it at 39th place in the list of “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” and 23 th among the best vocalists.

15. The concert in the tour of England, June 15, 1978. (Photo by Colin Davey | Evening Standard):


16. In 1980, David Bowie plays a major role in the Broadway production of “The Elephant Man,” based on the life of John Merrick. Bowie uses facial expressions to convey the ugliness of the hero. (Photo by Keystone Features):


17. The wax museum Madame Tussaud’s in London’s Marylebone, created 200 years ago by the sculptor Marie Tussaud. Creating wax David Bowie. (Photo Keystone):


18. David Bowie during a concert in Vienna, Austria, 1996. (Photo by Leonhard Foeger):


20. The musician received an award from The WB Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas on October 28, 1999. (Photo by Brenda Chase):


In 2000, Bowie was voted by the British magazine NME most influential musician of the century.

21. David Bowie and his wife, supermodel Iman Somalia, June 6, 1999. (Photo by Brenda Chase):


“His music has played a huge role in the history of British music, and I’m sure – he has had a tremendous impact on people around the world”

– Paul McCartney

22. David Bowie in New York, June 7, 2010. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker):


The news of the death of David Bowie was a surprise, since a few days ago, on the birthday of the musician came out of his last studio album called Blackstar.

23. David and Iman, the second wife, New York, April 28, 2011. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker):


24. Officials of David Bowie on Monday reported that the musician died at age 69 after a 1.5-year struggle with cancer. (Photo Potter | Express):


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