Danmala : Mandala Art

Kathy Klein is a devout lover of plants, animals, people and the divine presence within all.  She creates the danmalas by first centering herself in a meditative devotional space.  Next she gathers flowers and natural objects while her mind is kept in mantra, resting in the immaterial. Then, through an act of grace and giving to all, she allows the materials to fall to the will of creation patterns. Her inspiration is given from the golden sound residing within perfect silence. They are reflections of the inexpressible, a gesture which points towards life’s abundance, an unspoken verse of Love. The danmalas remind us all to listen to the unheard voice of nature, creation, and the eternal mystery.

Danmala 01 Danmala 02 Danmala 03 Danmala 04 Danmala 05 Danmala 06 Danmala 07 Danmala 08 Danmala 09 Danmala 10 Danmala 11 Danmala 12 Danmala 13 Danmala 14 Danmala 15 Danmala 16 Danmala 17 Danmala 18 Danmala 19 Danmala 20 Danmala 21 Danmala 22 Danmala 23 Danmala 24 Danmala 25 Danmala 26  Danmala 28 Danmala 29 Danmala 30 Danmala 31