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Cute Kitten "Wasabi-chan" Wears Mushroom Costume

The story of a little kitten in the suit mushrooms became a hit on the Internet.

A touching story about a kitten, told blogger from Japan DopeSk1llz, with lightning speed conquering social networks and blogs. The Japanese found a tiny kitten in the street, which was attacked crows, and took her to the vet. As it turned out, the animal severely damaged jaw, throat and tongue, causing the kitten could not have their own. The doctor had to take a catheter directly into the stomach, the food got into it, bypassing the digestive tract.

The kitten was named Wasabi and began to nurse: fed through a tube, but that cat did not twitch and do not hurt yourself, have decided to immobilize it by linking suit mushrooms to make it easier to feed. It is this suit and glorified wasabi.

The story quickly sold over the network: in Instagram and Twitter accounts will separate photo chronicle of life with a kitten. So it turned out that the costume mushrooms – not only in the wardrobe of wasabi.

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