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Bob Maynard once said that “Problems are opportunities in disguise.” And this is exactly what happened to Kayleigh O’Conno, a 24-year-old media student at Birmingham City University (UK), who had a habit of finger biting.

“I started glueing on false nails when I was around 16/17 (because I bit my own so badly that they looked like something out of a horror film – and not in a good way). After a while I started painting designs on them so they didn’t look so boring, and then it went a bit crazy, with different shapes sizes and all that… Now I mainly make them for fun and like to change them a few times a week

Nail Art 01 Nail Art 02 Nail Art 03 Nail Art 04 Nail Art 05 Nail Art 06 Nail Art 07 Nail Art 08 Nail Art 09 Nail Art 10 Nail Art 11 Nail Art 12 Nail Art 13 Nail Art 14

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Creative Photography by Ruslan Sitarchuk
Beautiful and Creative Photo Manipulations
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