25 Most Creative Lamps Ever Created by Designers from Around the World

Artificial light sources are important and practical significance in everyday life of man. As a rule, their main task – the lighting of the space. But today we turn our attention to the direction of designer lamps which can sometimes serve as a work of art. Designers using a variety of methods and techniques embody the unique ideas, turning them into products available for purchase.

Most Creative Lamps Ever Created by Designers From Around the World:

The lamp “cloud”

Source: Richard Clarkson

Lamp “Greenhouse”

Source: Kristyna Pojerova

Lamp “gummi bears”

Source: Kevin Champeny

Fixtures “Fish”

Source: Frank Gehry

Lamp “Forms in Nature”

Source: Thyra Hilden & Pio Diaz

Fixtures “Dandelions”

Source: Takao Inoue

Lamp “Balloon”

Source: Estiluz

Lamp “Mushrooms”

Source: Yukio Takano

Lamp “Teddy Bear”

Source: Matthew Kinealy

Fixtures “Bloat”

Source: Pieke Bergmans

Lamp from old bicycle parts

Source: Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

Fixtures “Ice Cream”

Source: Alex Garnett

The lamp in the estate Uoddesdon


Fixtures of the African gourd

Source: Calabarte

Fixtures “Medusa”

Source: Roxy Towry-Russell

Fixtures “Wine Bottles”

Source: Chris Weylandt

Cvetilnik Peel Wall Light

Source: Yoy-idea

Astro Lamp


Lamp Lumio

Source: Max Gunawan

Starry Lamp

Source: starrylightlamps

Lamp “Ripple”

Source: Poetic Lab

Lamp “brain”

Source: Igor Solovyov

Lamp “nuclear mushroom”

Source: h320430

Lamp Bubbleskull

Source: Hedi Xandt

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