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15 crazy rides from which the roof is demolished

Real enthusiasts of the thrill of a parachute jump are hardly likely to be surprised. They are ready to travel even to the other end of the world to tickle their nerves.

Photo Vide selected the 12 most dizzying rides of the world, from one kind of which the adrenaline is already jumping!

Insanity, USA

The name of this carousel is translated as “madness”, and this is the highest carousel on the planet. It is located at an altitude of about 300 meters and is mounted 20 meters from the edge of the roof of one of the skyscrapers. Carousel is a design with open cabins for passengers, which rotates at a speed of 60 km / h at an angle of 70 °. By the way, all passengers during the rotation face down to the ground.

X-Scream, USA

Attraction X-Scream is located on the roof of the hotel with a height of 350 meters. It looks like a trailer in which passengers sit. Then it accelerates, leaves on 8 meters for limits of a roof, sharply stops and suddenly dives downwards. Screams and squeals are provided.

Big Shot, USA

In the same hotel is the attraction of Big Shot, and it is considered the highest attraction in the world. To the tower spire is attached a platform with seats around the perimeter. The platform shoots up with a huge speed, and then makes a free fall. If you like feeling, when your heart jumps out of your chest, you’ll like it here.

White Cyclone, Japan

The highlight of this attraction is that it is made of wood, and is among the most extensive roller coasters: the length of the path with dizzying rises and spiral descent reaches 1.7 km. The height of the attraction is equal to the height of the 15-storey building, and the speed of the wooden trolleys can exceed 100 km / h.

Giant Canyon Swing, United States

The attraction in the form of a giant swing is located on the slope of the cliff at an altitude of 400 meters above the Colorado River. The swing accommodates 4 passengers, which swing 112 ° above the horizon at a speed of 80 km / h. Once at the highest point, the extremals can look at the almost endless break that opens beneath them. According to the creators of this attraction, none of the visitors decided to ride on the swings for the second time.

EdgeWalk, Canada

Those who think they are not afraid of heights, have never been to Toronto. Here you can walk on the site, which is located on the 116th floor of the television tower. As much as 30 minutes you can paddle along the edge of the observation deck without handrails and fences. The only precaution is the harness with a rope.

Insano, Brazil

From one glance to this water slide, breath is already dying. After a ride on it means to descend from the height of a 14-storey building at an incredible speed, almost at a steep angle. And all this in 5 seconds! Descent from the hill ends with a large swimming pool, where the extreme can take a breath and recover.

Takabisha, Japan

Takabisha – this is the coolest roller coaster in the world, at the moment they are the champion and in size. 1,000 meters for 1 minute and 52 seconds and 7 coolest turns. And in some areas of bends the cabin even breaks away from the rails and moves, sliding on a magnetic cushion.

Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry, United Kingdom

At the cable car attraction Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry, the extremals accelerate to 161 km / h at an altitude of several hundred meters, and the flight itself lasts 2 minutes. Interestingly, do visitors have time to enjoy a beautiful view of the majestic mountains and enchanting emerald lake?

Baron 1898, Netherlands

Baron 1898 is located in an amusement park in the steampunk style. These slides are known for their interesting start – falling into the mine from a height of more than 37 meters. After such a dizzying upheaval and a wild acceleration on the highway at a speed of 90 km / h, probably will seem like a common thing.

Leap of Faith, United Arab Emirates

The most extreme water slide is rightfully called Leap of Faith, which is located in the UAE. From a height of 27 meters you are moving along an almost vertical pipe. Then, at high speed, you fly out into a 60-meter transparent underwater tunnel, laid in a pool with sharks. Yes, with sharks.

The cable car, UAE

Zip Line in Dubai allows you to ride on a cable car between two skyscrapers right above the largest fountain in the world and overlooking the Burj Khalifa tower. Starting will need to be from the 90-meter building on Emaar Boulevard, and the speed during the flight reaches 80 km / h. Employees of the attraction warn: the phone and the self-stick should be left at the start, but who will listen to them, because during the flight you can make incredible photos.

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