"FISH-WORK": Adventures Out at Sea by Corey Arnold

“FISH-WORK”: Adventures Out at Sea by Corey Arnold.

Corey Arnold is a contemporary photographer and commercial fisherman based in Portland, Oregon. His photos capture moments from the grueling retreats spent as a crew member while fishing out at sea.

Corey is a photographer and Alaskan commercial fisherman. From 2003-2010 he worked as a deckhand on the Bering Sea crabber f/v Rollo and more recently, captains a wild salmon gillnetting operation in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The off season is filled with travel, gallery exhibitions, magazine and ad photography assignments mixed with a bit of backyard gardening, cat maintenance, and skateboarding in Portland, Oregon.

He is currently working on a life long project entitled FISH-WORK which chronicles the commercial fishing lifestyle throughout the world. In 2010, a PEW foundation commission led to the Fish-Work Europe series, photographing aboard fishing vessels in eight European countries.

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“FISH-WORK”: Adventures Out at Sea by Corey Arnold:

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