Colorama: Monumental Photo Canvas 1950-1990

Colorama – it’s a huge photographic display, which was located on the east balcony of Grand Central Terminal in New York from 1950 to 1990. Was used as an advertisement of Eastman Kodak. Under the transparent screen with backlight located the biggest in the world of photography, 18 feet (almost 6 feet) in height and 60 feet (about 20 meters) wide!

Kodak introduced these phantasmagoric images in 1950 and for 40 years has demonstrated 565 such photographs at the Central station. Colorful panoramas often showed not happy people in the most beautiful corners of the earth. Undoubtedly goal was to reinforce the notion that travelers should document the fleeting moments of life. Naturally, the camera Kodak.

“The greatest pictures in the world”, these panoramic prints were surprisingly complex technical process. Each print required the participation of the whole group of experts Kodak, images were used to create a variety of large-format cameras, and in the first years of the 6 meter wet transparent films were dried in during the night in the pool cents recreation staff by Kodak.

Initially, these ideal utopian unreal beautiful photo pictures perfect quality and insane resolution touting basically the American way of life, but later began to appear and stories from other countries.

1968. Yosemite (National Park), California, Peter Gales.
1967. Train in the Park Hugh Taylor Birch, Hank Mayer, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
1968. Water skiing, Hank Mayer, Cypress Gardens, Florida.
1964. “Cowboys in Grand Teton», H. Archer and J. Hood, Grand Teton, Wyoming.
Holidays at the lake, Colorama.
1957. “The closing of the lodge.” Another name for photos of “The American Dream», Ralph Amdursky and Charles Baker.
1966. Booty Bay. Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas, Hank Mayer.
1961. Ansel Adams, the cleaning of wheat near the town of Pendleton, Oregon.
1961. Dancing teenagers.
1968. Herbert Archer, Hut and canoes on the lake Sedlbek, Maine.
1968. Peter Hales, Teenagers, cyclists on the beach the Monterey Peninsula, California.
1966. Autumn scene at Lake Placid, New York.
1977. Sunrise over Rio de Janeiro.
1981. Capitol, Washington.
1983. Richardsanov house on the canal, New York.
And photos colorama looked at the Grand Central Terminal in New York City.


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