The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen

At the festival in Traverse Woody Allen presented his new film, in the Russian-language version called “Blue-eyed Jasmine.” The picture has raised a lot of accolades film critics in the world rolled out from August 2, and we are looking forward to its early premiere in domestic theaters.

Over the past ten years Woody Allen filmed a movie that almost always occurs in European countries, and even thematically linked with European realities. But in “Blue Jasmine” the main character, trying to understand myself and my life goes not to another country, and in the beautiful American city of San Francisco. With this film into a brilliant director, finally, the “creative back” in her native America.

We picked up the frames of the movies created by Woody Allen in different cities and countries, and offer to remember the geography of his film masterpieces.

The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen
Drama “Blue Jasmine», 2013.
Once all of her life is falling apart, the secular New Yorker Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) moves into the apartment sisters in the ocean – San Francisco, there is the action of the film takes place.
The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen
The romantic comedy To Rome with Love, 2012.
The film directed by Woody Allen deals with a principal cast against the backdrop of one of the symbols of Rome – Trevi Fountain.
The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen
Midnight in Paris, 2011.
One of the scenes in the film, depicting the protagonist, a writer Gil Pender, the Eiffel Tower. By the way, Woody Allen often adds to their films “writing” of characters (the director from the end of the 70 published a large amount of their own literary works).
The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen
“You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger», 2010.
Shooting of the film, which tells about the complexities of relationships of family members of different generations, held in London.
The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen
One of the most famous films of Woody Allen – “Vicky Cristina Barcelona» – was released in 2008.
The performer supporting actor Penelope Cruz for acting work in the film won the “Oscar”, and most importantly – during the filming of the movie found her husband, Javier Bardem, and later gave birth to two children safely. Scene passions are running high, as is not difficult to guess from the name of the movie, in a beautiful and hot Barcelona.
The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen
“Cassandra’s Dream», 2007.
Dramatic thriller tells the story of living in a working class neighborhood of London two brothers. To get money, they decide to go on the offense, but all is not as it should, and the brothers become enemies. This film – one of the trilogy directed by devoted very well-known in the West’s novel “Crime and Punishment”.
The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen
Scoop, 2006.
Woody Allen’s next project, which was filmed not in a favorite place of residence director – Manhattan, and in London. But with a favorite director Scarlett Johansson in the title role. Woody Allen himself too often appears in his own films, but is especially interested in his role touring magician (after all, magic tricks – a favorite childhood hobby director). Together with the heroine Scarlett they were investigating a series of murders, which also binds the painting with the theme of “crime and punishment”.
The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen
Again, the action takes place in England, “Match Point” – Dramatic thriller 2005.
A former professional tennis player Chris Wilton after meeting with the family of wealthy aristocrats begins to make a quick career in the top British society. However, the subject of the picture contains a tragic ending – the murder of the heroine Scarlett Johansson returns the viewer to the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It is noteworthy that one of the first scenes of the main character is reading this work.
The Most Inspiring Cities for Woody Allen
“Manhattan», 1979.
In the works of Woody Allen repeatedly uses the image of New York City, one of the most famous films of the “second capital of America” ​​- created at the beginning of his film career, “Manhattan”, which is directed by the recognition of his least favorite movie ever made, but it fans consider this picture of one of the most remarkable and beautiful. This widescreen black-and-white film is a kind of declaration of love directed to their city.


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