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Photographer Makes Shots of Sick Children in a Magical Photo with Santa Claus

Photographers and digital artists (Karen Alsop wanted this Christmas and New Year give sick kids this winter holiday spirit, for this she used all her skills and knowledge to edit the photos, and suffered little people with health problem in a fabulous location. His project is called “The Christmas Wish Project”.

It’s Christmas… Silent Night echoes through the shopping centres, there’s a Santa Claus on every corner. Celebrations fill the air. It’s a time for family, love and joy. At least for many of us… Not so for those unfortunate families who have loved ones living out their days in the confines of a hospital ward.

To carry out its ideas Alsop visit Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne (Australia), where a makeshift studio equipped in the most usual empty chamber. In this room, especially for children, she has invited Santa Claus.

Some of the children, who were unable to leave their hospital beds, and Santa Alsop came personally.

After Alsop and her assistants filmed 30 shots, they began to edit photos in Photoshop, converting the images taken in the House, in a surreal, magical and fantastic worlds in which children visited with Santa Claus. In general, the project has been spent around 15 hours.

“While the whole world is singing joyfully, there are many families who are fighting tooth and nail every night, they do not know what awaits them in the future. I wanted to give them a gift that can give hope to divert a little, at least creatively, on their IV lines, monitors, ward boundaries, as well as on their actual situation, – says Alsop. – My main goal was to revive their faith in the fact that each of them has a future.”

The Christmas Wish Project

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