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Cheetah Cub Became Friends with a Puppy

Single cheetah cub became friends with a puppy. In the zoo in Columbus (Ohio, USA) is living a two cheetah Emmett. The kitten was born in one of the nature centers where miraculously survived after pneumonia. His first was the bosom friend of the same age-puppy.

The cub cheetah ill soon after birth, were separated from their parents for a long time and was only surrounded by people. Back to his parents podselyat was dangerous.

Fledgling baby at the age of 10 weeks, was taken to the Columbus Zoo (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium), which is also involved in programs to preserve rare animal species. Emmett had already recovered, but the weakness of the other consequences of pneumonia persist. Continuing the treatment of the disease, veterinarians and thinking about the psychological comfort of the animal.

Other newborn cheetahs in the zoo do not have now, so Emmett introduced to the 7-week-old puppy named Cullen (Cullen). The kids immediately became friends and now spend all the time together. So the friendship between cats and dogs is quite possible.
Cheetahs are included in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature as “vulnerable species”: because of uncontrolled hunting in the early XX century, their world population was strongly reduced. Many countries are implementing to restore the number of cheetah program, and the appearance of every kid light is a great event.
Afraid the dog’s future when the cheetah grows up, it is not necessary. Cheetahs – surprisingly sociable animals. It cheetahs least afraid of tourists in the national parks in Africa, allow people to approach, and behave very friendly. Unfortunately, this feature cheetahs became one of the main problems for them. The number of unique species is rapidly declining. Alas, not all people are as friendly as cheetahs …

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