10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

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In the world there are many cemeteries that serve as a kind of museum. Attendance of some of them is so high that it even lead tours. Here are ten of these famous cemeteries.

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

1. La Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

At the cemetery pokoyutsya a lot of famous Argentine citizens, and some of the headstones have the status of historical monuments. Here is the tomb of Eva Peron – the charismatic wife of Juan Peron who was twice President of Argentina. By the grave of Eva Peron each year comes a lot of visitors.
For the convenience of visitors to the cemetery organized walking tours.

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

2. Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, DC

This war cemetery is considered a symbol of American patriotism. Here lie the participants of numerous wars, presidents of the United States, the chairmen of the Supreme Court of the United States and astronauts. A large area of the cemetery (about 3 square kilometers) are more than 300,000 graves. Terms of burial at Arlington Cemetery regulated paragraph 553.2 of Article 32 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.
Particular attention attracts tourists changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In the summer and spring, changing of the guard takes place every half hour, and from October to March – every hour.

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

3. Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

In this cemetery are no graves especially became famous people. But it is famous for its age – people are buried here, from the XV century. For many centuries the cemetery has become one of Europe’s largest areas covered gravestones.

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

4. Pierre Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

Pierre Lachaise cemetery is among the most visited in the world. Here lie many celebrities, including singer Edith Piaf, writer Oscar Wilde, The Doors frontman Jim Morrison and many others. In the old cemetery lots of trees, and the graves are so close together that without a guide and without a map it is very easy to get lost. To make it easier for visitors to navigate, here organized a special tour.

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

5. Tsentralfridhof Cemetery, Vienna

This is one of the largest cemeteries in Europe. In its territory, which occupies about 2.5 square kilometers, there are more than three million graves. On main roads cemetery special bus runs continuously. In the center of the cemetery is the Catholic Church.

Tsentralfridhof buried in the cemetery of many famous musicians (Beethoven, Schubert and Johann Strauss) and statesmen. There is also a symbolic tomb of Wolfgang Mozart.

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

6. Sao Joao Batista cemetery, Rio de Janeiro

The first burial in the cemetery of Sao Joao Batista held on December 4, 1852. It was a little girl Rozaura, who was only four years old. Today the cemetery has expanded greatly, and it found its last rest many celebrities. Famous graves are so many that the cemetery’s even got a nickname – the “graveyard of the stars.”

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

7. Highgate Cemetery, London

At the cemetery, many headstones made in the Gothic style, which gives it a special grimness. In these natural scenery filmed sinister horror “Taste the Blood of Dracula” and “Because of the grave.” In the cemetery’ve seen ghosts, and in March 1970, the case has taken such a serious turn that was true even organized a raid on the vampires, and the police had great difficulty not miss the cemetery riotous mob “Ghostbusters.”

Today the most famous tombs and the places where most often see ghosts, lead special tours.

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

8. Greyfriars Cemetery, Edinburgh

The cemetery is located in the historic part of the city near the church of Greyfriars. Cemetery is very old – it was formed in 1561. But international fame has brought him little Skye terrier named Bobby. It is as much as 14 years on a step did not depart from the grave of his beloved master, and even after death had the honor of being buried at the cemetery gate. Next to the owner of the animal could not be buried because the ground cemetery lit.

At the cemetery, too often see ghosts. A particular concern is different grave lawyer George Mackenzie, who was buried in the cemetery in 1691. From 1990 to 2006 more than 350 people have indicated that they are attacked by a ghost. And people showed bruises, scratches and even bites. This event was even dedicated a special television program.

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

9. Prazeres Cemetery, Lisbon

The cemetery is located at the terminus of the tram number 28, walking on a popular tourist route. Therefore, most tourists end up sightseeing tour of the capital of Portugal cemetery. The word Prazeres (Prazeres) Portuguese translates as “fun.” But in the name of the cemetery no one wanted to invest some particularly grim sense. Just as it is named the same as the area in which it is located.

The cemetery is located on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the bridge 25 de Abril.

10 of the Most Famous Cemeteries

10. City of the Dead, Cairo

This cemetery is amazing not only for its tombstones, but also the fact that its territory has a population almost more people than pokoyutsya in the ground. People live and die here almost a thousand years, and the graves of the dead, literally side by side with huts and stalls alive. Of course, living in such unsuitable conditions, only the poorest part of the population of Cairo.


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