Super-smog in China


Super-smog shrouded the Chinese city Harbin. According to Reuters, in some areas of the city air pollution 50 times higher than normal. Visibility in the city center less than 50 meters. Smog has led to serious disturbances in the transport … Read More

How to Catch the Christmas Carp

AlexNature, World

It is hard to imagine a Christmas holiday table in the Czech Republic without carp (Vánocní kapr). This tradition emerged in South Bohemia from the Cyril and Methodius – Franciscan monks were the first to breed carp in ponds and … Read More

September 2013: Scenes From the Life

AlexPhotography, World

In this feature, presented photographs depicting activities of people in everyday life in different countries. Other climatic zones, time zones, different cultures and traditions – in one and the same time in different parts of the world people are doing … Read More

How Looks Average Woman in Different Countries

AlexPhotography, World

How Looks Average Woman in Different Countries University of Glasgow – the second oldest after St Andrews and the largest university in Scotland, founded in 1451. Scientists and psychologists have combined thousands faces of people to show how the average … Read More