The Most Picturesque Bus Stop in the World


In the valley of the Ox (La quebrada del Toro) in Salta Province of Argentina is probably the most picturesque bus stop in the world. On both sides of Ten-kilometer valley surrounded by mountains. Slopes and clouds at sunset changing … Read More

New Year’s Eve 2014 Around the World


Come the New Year 2014 – Year of the Blue (or green) Wooden Horse . In every country, in every city of this wonderful holiday celebration was held in his own way. But all united by one thing – fireworks, … Read More

Fascinating Photos of a Frozen Niagara Falls


Due to abnormal cold that reached and Canada, frozen Niagara Falls, which is considered the largest in the world. Polar vortex, which covered the United States, not only brought the damage to the economy of about $ 5 billion, but … Read More

Fabulous Outfits of Norwegian Brides

AlexHistory, World

LJ writes blogger winter-licht: Photos from the collection of Norsk Folkemuseum, made during the 1870-1920-ies. They feature girls in wedding dresses and gorgeous headgear resembling fairy crown. Many brides are holding the Bible.