10 most picturesque roads in the world


Sometimes the final point of your trip does not matter – so good is the road to it. We chose the top ten most picturesque routes in the world. N2 (The Garden Route, South Africa) The colorful N2 highway is … Read More

The most interesting markets of the world


In the trip, be sure to look at the local market: from here you can go not only with souvenirs and specialties of local cuisine, but also with successful staff. Colorful types, fruits and vegetables of all colors of the … Read More

10 most famous squares in the world

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The main square often becomes a visiting card of the city: even if you have not been to Venice, after hearing the name “San Marco”, for sure imagine the flocks of pigeons surrounding tourists, and “Times Square” will remind you … Read More

Amazing dolomite limestone cave in Brazil


In the national Brazilian park Terra Ronca there are 200 caves, but only two of them are accessible to visitors. One of them is a magnificent dolomite limestone cave, which was divided into two parts thousands of years ago. Both … Read More