Future of Flight: Modern Aircraft Salons

AlexDesign, Technology

Modern technology allows to reduce the size and number of the various components in the cabin, the majority of which are not visible to the passenger, and in the same physical space becomes more spacious. Already the most common flight on a modern ship leads to the indescribable delight! Today I want to tell you that you need to know … Read More

The Amazing Stories of Salvations in a Plane Crashes

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July 7 airliner Air Canada airlines flying from Toronto, mistakenly walked not on the runway, and taxiway, where at that time there were four other liner. Dispatchers managed to stop in time to the pilot, to give the team a go-around, after which the aircraft safely sat down already in the correct lane. According to the head Aero Consulting Experts … Read More

Meet Light Ragaz, A Spectacular 3D Projection Onto Natural Environment

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The interactive media occasion Light Ragaz utilizes propelled advances for 3D impacts for the outline and development of the stones of the Tamina Crevasse with millimeter exactness. Crude stones achieve 80 meters. The night change of the crevasse is just about 1000 meters long in an outwardly shocking ocean of ​​light has a splendid ragaz recounting a phenomenal story. An … Read More

Ukrainian Technician Builds A Family Of Robots Out Of 1750 Wooden Parts


Gleb Garanich / Reuters Dmitry Balandin uses a wooden outer prosthesis when he plays with his wooden models Centurion, Amazon Kid in his apartment in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Balandin, who works as a crane operator, took 18 months to build models with 1750 pieces. Balandin says that he does not use drawings and does not design the details, since he is … Read More

Awesome Axle-free Ferris Wheel in China


The unique axle-free Ferris wheel will soon open in Weifang City in Shandong Province, East China. It is built on a bridge over the Bailang River. The diameter of the wheel is 145 meters, it has 36 cabins, each accommodating up to 10 people. In the booths there is a TV and Wi-Fi works, for convenience to send beautiful selfies … Read More

Soulless Service: there are only robots in the Japanese hotel

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While mechanization in industries is “necessary” to increase efficiency and reduce costs, robots in Japan are more of a novelty. Take Henn-na hotel near Nagasaki, for example. It has been billed as “the first robot-staffed hotel” in the world. From the receptionist to the bellhop to the concierge —all are robots. Behind the reception desk in Henn-na guests are met … Read More