Rock Stacking World Championship 2016

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Some people like watching horse racing, others prefer football matches, and the following group is something different. This group watches competition in stacking rocks even way. What exactly is the task of those players about? Their task is to put … Read More

Extreme Arctic Surfers

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When we say the word “surfing” is probably pop up images of hot, white sand beaches with palm trees. And you can hardly think of this not very suitable place for surfing, as the Arctic Circle.

10 Divine Italian Actresses

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Italian cinema is famous for its unforgettable atmosphere, but its main pearl were and are, of course, actress. Vibrant and unique, they conquered the hearts of millions of people, and their talent and beauty have become the standard of femininity. … Read More

Venice Carnival 2016

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Carnivals – a costumed celebrations associated with disguises, masquerades and colorful processions, mass festivities and theatrical performances. They celebrated before Lent. Carnivals are distributed mainly in Catholic countries, and dates back to the pagan customs of the Roman Empire. Carnival … Read More