Hot Air Balloons at Cappadocia, Turkey


Hot Air Balloons at Cappadocia, Turkey. Cappadocia has unreal amazing landscape which makes Balloon flights one of worlds the top 3. The spectacular surrealistic landscapes combined with excellent flying conditions allow the balloons to gently drift over and between fairy … Read More

The Skeleton Krewe

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” The Skeleton Krewe was founded in 1999 by Christopher Kirsch. Inspired by the early days of Carnival before tractors and floats replaced walking processions, the Krewe has become one of New Orleans’ premier marching clubs. The Krewe began actively … Read More

Red Bull Rampage 2013


Red Bull Rampage 2013 – this is extreme competition, passing the National Park in the United States. Freestyle descent from the mountain tops biking. For sports enthusiasts, extreme sports and just beautiful mountain scenery. Photos of Red Bull.

Tennis Above the Clouds

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It soars to a height of 300m above sea level on the most beautiful building in Dubai. Design inspired by the legendary Star Trek. And indeed it has inspired the creation of the most original commercials modernity … Helipad designed … Read More

Fabulous Inhabitants in IgroMir 2013


Fabulous Inhabitants in IgroMir 2013 IgroMir (Gaming World) is the first large-scale annual exhibition of computer and video games in Russia, organized by the committee of the Russian Game Developers Conference. This weekend occurred probably one of the most fun … Read More