20 Young, Beautiful and Successful Daughters of Rock Stars

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Lenny Kravitz’s companion during the 82 th awards ceremony “Oscar” was his daughter Zoe At the writing of the many beautiful rock ballads inspired musicians “daddy daughter»: «Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)» Billy Joel, «When You Need Me» Bruce Springsteen, «You’ll Be In My Heart» Phil Collins, and many others We have decided to introduce you to the twenty most beautiful … Read More

Mesmerizing Photos Of Russian Mafia Tombstones

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The times of the dashing 90s have long since passed, but the evidence of those years can still be found in a number of places. Including in cemeteries, where gravestones of criminal authorities rise. Photographer Denis Tarasov presented a series of photographs of gravestones to criminal authorities and heads of influential families in the 90s. The staff is made mainly … Read More

The Most Dangerous Sports in the World


Sport, oddly enough, is not only useful, but also a dangerous occupation. Any professional athlete may take a whole evening by simple enumeration of injuries received by them in the arena, ring, or a football field.

Celebrities Who Dress Like Some Mattresses

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Ever noticed that celebrities dress like walking mattresses? Thought not. But an outbreak of abandoned mattresses littering the streets of East London caught the eye of pranksters calling themselves Walthamstow (Unofficial) Tourist Board who noticed many resembled stars’ outfits.