20 Young, Beautiful and Successful Daughters of Rock Stars

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Lenny Kravitz’s companion during the 82 th awards ceremony “Oscar” was his daughter Zoe At the writing of the many beautiful rock ballads inspired musicians “daddy daughter»: «Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)» Billy Joel, «When You Need Me» Bruce Springsteen, «You’ll Be In My Heart» Phil Collins, and many others We have decided to introduce you to the twenty most beautiful … Read More

Herika Noronha


Representing Agencies Ford Models Brasil – Sao Paulo Wilhelmina Models – New York Premier Model Management Fashion Model Management – Milan East West Models Chic Management AQUA Model Management GmbH UNO Models – Barcelona & Madrid MGM Models – Dusseldorf MGM Models – Hamburg Magazine Covers Confirmed UK: ‘Stuff’ – October 2005 Advertisements Confirmed Antigel , Background , Caterina , … Read More

10 Celebrities with Amazing and Real Bodies


In most cases, celebrities own more standard bodies than us ordinary people. They have to focus not only on their appearances but also bodies to win a leading role. However, to keep an excellent body shape is a very difficult thing. Here we have 10 celebrities who are with amazing and real bodies. 1. Liv Tyler 2. Beyonce 3. Jessica … Read More

Secrets of Beauty from 15 Classic Hollywood Stars


Golden Age like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to reveal how they looked so stunning. Click through to find out more. 1. Marilyn Monroe Monroe always asked her makeup artist to use five different shades of gloss and lipstick so that her lips appeared fuller. The contrast between the lighter hues toward the center and darker reds on the outside … Read More

10 Top Gorgeous Jessica Alba Fashion Moments

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Jessica Alba is such a perfect actress. She is not only beautiful, but also sexy and smart. Many people adored her as a goddess. Celeb Prism have 10 gorgeous moments of Jessica Alba for you to enjoy! Jessica Alba’s Honest Company has a net worth of $1 billion, but movies and TV shows are where she got her start. With … Read More

Unusual Pets: One Day With a Cock

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Under pets usually mean cats and dogs, in the extreme case, parrots and hamsters. But some plants does not quite normal. For example… 58-year-old Martin Herrera from childhood loved roosters. The last 20 years he has domesticated and trained them. And, of course, he has a favorite rooster, whose name is Paquito, and with whom the master goes everywhere and … Read More