Snow Graffiti By Lapiz

AlexArt, Street Art, Video

Snow Graffiti By Lapiz – Mexico Tourism Board. 100% snow messages around Chicago to remind the freezing masses that it’s always sunny in Mexico #snowgraffitiMX

“We Live On Google Earth”: Mural by MTO

AlexArt, Street Art

The mural and billboard created by French artist MTO for Memorie Urbane 2015 Street Art Festival in Gaeta, Italy, represent a direct reference to Google’s recent involvement regarding street art. Highlighting the fact that “we live on Google earth”, with our experiences shifted from the live … Read More

Optical Illusion Street Art by Mehdi Ghadyanloo

AlexArt, Street Art

Mehdi Ghadyanloo is a visual artist from Tehran, Iran who creates murals that are part of the fabric of the city. Through the use of optical illusion, he portrays impossible scenes and gravity defying figures from radically altered perspectives.

Pop Culture Character Street Art by Nychos

AlexArt, Street Art

Nychos loves making pictures of dissected animals and even cartoon characters. Heck, he throws in a guy or two in there, too. He’s good at it, too, especially considering that his “canvas” can sometimes be wall sized. But the detail … Read More