The Explosive And Twisted Illustrations By Mike Hughes

AlexArt, Illustrations

A choice of beautiful and dangerous delineations by Mike Hughes, a Scottish craftsman situated in Edinburgh who worked together with some notable brands, uncovers here a crappy and distorted universe that blends unfortunate nourishment, skateboarding and popular culture. Additional information: … Read More

Illustrations by Russ Mills

AlexArt, Illustrations

Amazing Illustrations Works by talented British artist Russ Mills. Russ Mills creates these astonishing images using a wide variety of traditional methods including painting and drawing with ink and pencil, but also utilizing scanned textures including splotches of paint. “My work dwells in a netherworld … Read More

Mixed Media Artwork by Hu Yi Wei

AlexArt, Digital Art, Illustrations

Mixed Media Artwork by Shanghai, China based artist Hu Yi Wei, aka Waver_h. Waver_h’s likes to create his work from existing photos and then add graphic elements by digitally created. Both are perfectly mixed. He is a crossover artist: from graphic, VI … Read More