How Are the Children of Some Animals


Bears, cubs, elephants and others. Swans on the Avon. (Photo by James D. Morgan): 3. Orangutan in southern Spain. (Photo by Jon Nazca | Reuters): 4. Family of lions in the zoo Miami. (Photo by Wilfredo Lee): 5. The two-month … Read More

Unusual Pets: One Day With a Cock

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Under pets usually mean cats and dogs, in the extreme case, parrots and hamsters. But some plants does not quite normal. For example… 58-year-old Martin Herrera from childhood loved roosters. The last 20 years he has domesticated and trained them. … Read More

Animals in Photos From all Over the World

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Life of the most interesting animals from all over the world. Correct unpacking gifts. Examined. (Photo: Fabian Bimmer | Reuters): 3. Study. (Photo: Fabian Bimmer | Reuters): 4. Open. Hamburg, Germany. (Photo: Fabian Bimmer | Reuters): 5. gadget lovers out … Read More

50+ Puppies That Are So Adorable


Photo Vide has put together this list of 50+ impossibly adorable puppies. Keep on scrolling to check it out – I bet you won’t be able to get through the whole list without squealing…

50+ Photos Proving That Cats Are Actually Demons


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50+ Cats Hilariously Photobombed Purrfect Shots

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Cats like consideration, and as should be obvious from these photobombing cats, they’ll effectively get it! Regardless of whether they’re smashing family photograph shoots, private selfies, clueless pooches, or even each other, these felines are set for transform each purrfect … Read More

Cat Dresses Up To Have Dinner With His Mom


Meet Maro the cat, the cutest supper date ever. Since this Japan-based kitty was 7 months old, he has lived with his human mother Rie Matsui. Matsui is energetic about photography and Japanese sustenance culture. Along these lines, when she … Read More