Bees Under The Macro Lens

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A woman's cutter with pollen, which she collected. These macro images of Alejandro Santillana are demonstrated in the Insects Unlocked project at the University of Texas at Austin.

Just Beautiful Birds


These descendants of dinosaurs bartered forelimbs to wings, and they were right. Flying as a very effective way to catch up with the victim, and “get away” from predators. Just Beautiful Birds: 1. Long-tailed Tit – one of the smaller … Read More

Animal Emotions


Add a little positive. Animal Emotions, and not just wildlife. White Bear. Playful mood. (Photo GUENTER SCHIFFMANN): 3. Lamb. Playfulness. (Photo by Meegan Reid): 4. Dolphin. Joy. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski): 5. Cows. Stubbornness. (Photo by OLAF KRAAK): 6. Yawning … Read More

Maine Coon Cat Omar – the New Instagram Star


Four years ago, Australian Stephy Hurst started a Maine Coon cat, which was 12 weeks old. Recently, Stephy got to Omar, so her cat’s name is, a separate account in Instagram, to which almost 20 thousand people have already subscribed. … Read More

Two Years With the Leopard


Wild animals in their natural habitat have seen a lot, but I have a unique opportunity to spend time with them a lot of time, actually live with them. During the time spent in the Masai Mara, I was able … Read More