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Chain Chomp Cat Bed Look Like Super Mario’s Chain Chomp Monster

CatastrophiCreations makes a lot of really big cat furniture, including one Super Mario Bros. level inspired set. However, just like the Chain Chomp bed, it proved to be impractical to mass-produce, although they seem to have mastered the use of sisal and scrap wood.

This is a combination of cat bed and storage chest based on the Chain Chomp character from the Super Mario Bros. I own a cat furniture company “Catastrophicreations”, and we’ve always been huge fans of Mario. I believe Super Mario Bros 3 is the best video game ever made. I’ve played around in the past with ideas to incorporate my favorite game in our furniture.

“This was originally going to be a litter box. I still think pictures of the cats kicking and then jumping out of this would be priceless. This took an incredibly long amount of time to make, and because of this we’re only making two. I wanted to do something that could sit in a room as art, but also be a usable piece of furniture. For instance, the wooden box has hinges on the inside, so that it doubles as a storage space to keep kitty litter or cat food in The whole piece (other then the wooden box) is made from hardened styrofoam, including the chain. It’s a multiple of layers of Epoxy and another product with a cement texture used over the the Chomp’s body to make it look like metal. It’s body is matte, and the inside of the mouth, teeth and eyes are gloss to give them a wet look.”

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Chain Chomp Cat Bed Look Like Super Mario’s Chain Chomp Monster:

My cat Ickle scoping out the threat level


Chain Chomp started out as a giant Styrofoam ball





I wanted the body to have a metal texture, so I used a product for making set props and then covered everything in many coats of epoxy


The body has the eyes, teeth, and inside the mouth all have a gloss finish to give them a wet look


For me, Chain Chomp was a labor of love


After all the layers of different products, Chain Chomp is super durable, but still very light


I made sure all the products were completely non-toxic and pet safe



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