Carry away in 50 seconds


In a crazy action from Leo Burnett of Media Markt «endured” technology at 9,000,000.

The large-scale action “Heaven Help Us in 50 seconds”, developed by Leo Burnett Agency in cooperation with the Agency Action, timed to coincide with the opening of the 50th store Media Markt in the country. Of the 65,000 wishing to participate in the event, more than twenty people got their 50 seconds of “freebies”: any technique learned from the store during this time, they received free of charge.

The very “race” was held in early July in 22 cities of Russia. As a result of the action 50 seconds stores Media Markt «lost» art to more than 9 million rubles. The most popular SLR cameras, smartphones, and the company’s products Apple – iPhone 5 and Macbook. Record amount that gets into the hands of one, was 728,312 rubles.