How Looks Capital of Christmas

LJ blogger replikator writes: It all started as usual – once I saw online photos of summer in Strasbourg, and since then these stone pavements fahvernye houses, small streets and flowers on the railing of embankments and bridges would not let me rest. Go to this French town like in the summer, so when generating ideas, wherever celebrate my birthday at the beginning of December, the Strasbourg was initially rejected. Fortunately, knowing people convinced that the winter capital of Alsace, not worse – not for nothing that this region in northeastern France is rightly called «Capitale de Noël» – the capital of Christmas.

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Detailed story about Strasbourg today, will not – let gather my thoughts – and so far only pictures.

Strasbourg01How Looks Capital of Christmas

1. A month before Christmas streets of Strasbourg transformed.

Strasbourg02How Looks Capital of Christmas

2. Street Grand Rue, where there was our little hotel leads to the main architectural miracle city –
Strasbourg Cathedral (Straßburger Münster). Uncle a small train, meanwhile calculates profit.

Strasbourg03How Looks Capital of Christmas

3. In this magical time, the city is filled with festive lights, lights and ornaments.

Strasbourg04How Looks Capital of Christmas

4. In the central squares of the city are opened numerous Christmas sales, which are mostly found
products with festive symbols, and you can buy the toys themselves or as a gift. Or just wander around and gawk.

Strasbourg05How Looks Capital of Christmas

5. Stands with garlands, candles and glowing decorations

Strasbourg06How Looks Capital of Christmas

6. Wanted to buy himself a Christmas shovel, but I realized that hardly allowed into the plane

Strasbourg07How Looks Capital of Christmas

7. Streets are illuminated by numerous garlands, and at home – external lighting.

Strasbourg08How Looks Capital of Christmas

8. Another train with something obviously delicious =)

Strasbourg09How Looks Capital of Christmas

9. Rue des Orfèvres. Some streets are forced to walk with open-mouthed admiration.

Strasbourg10How Looks Capital of Christmas

10. And on Place Kléber in this pre-holiday time tree grows high, and every hour, and 17 to 21 pm (a time when it is dark enough) located here on building held a beautiful 15-minute light installation.

Strasbourg11How Looks Capital of Christmas

11. I wonder how many there are rooms in this hotel in Cathedral Square, facing the famous cathedral? Perhaps the high price tag, though the place is noisy and very crowded.

Strasbourg12How Looks Capital of Christmas

12. And of course, every square with Christmas sales can be a delicious mulled wine, which is brewed right here on the spot. Hot cup of wine December evening – this is exactly what you need to warm up and restore power walks.

I must say that in the city walks mulled wine was used everywhere and constantly: he was much tastier than in Stuttgart, Germany. With French at me really bad, remember the magic words: vin chaud – hot wine. Rouge – red. Blanc – white. Do not be gone. 0.2 liter mug for asking about 2 euros a big mug 0,4 l – 4 euros respectively. When buying a mulled wine must also put down a deposit of 2 euros per mug that give back when you return the mug. Ceramic mugs in Strasbourg and very interesting, one decided to leave himself and took home

Strasbourg13How Looks Capital of Christmas

13. Give «Nothing Else Matters» French!

Strasbourg14How Looks Capital of Christmas

14. Fahvernye houses – the subject of my admiration for the tireless

Strasbourg15How Looks Capital of Christmas

15. In the markets, you can choose Christmas decorations for every taste. These Christmas decorations, such as owls occupied

Strasbourg16How Looks Capital of Christmas

16. Meet and extravagant decorations

Strasbourg17How Looks Capital of Christmas

17. But I am an adherent of classic Christmas toys

Strasbourg18How Looks Capital of Christmas

18. Well, again, these fahvernye houses … Walked and walked to be here

Strasbourg19How Looks Capital of Christmas

19. A house on this street changed color every minute. Now they are colorful, in a moment become completely red, then – blue, then – purple and green.

Strasbourg20How Looks Capital of Christmas

20. Let’s make a little positive in this dark and gloomy post

Strasbourg21How Looks Capital of Christmas

21. Mercier on street leading to the cathedral, is always crowded. But once he returned home late at night and were able to photograph her ​​almost empty Strasbourg Cathedral, the former for over 200 years the tallest building in the world, partially obscured by fog.

Strasbourg22How Looks Capital of Christmas


Strasbourg23How Looks Capital of Christmas

23. Book

Strasbourg24How Looks Capital of Christmas

24. Vauban dam famous night ominously highlighted in red. We still walk on it in one of these positions.

Strasbourg25How Looks Capital of Christmas

25. Galeries Lafayette is also in festive attire.

Strasbourg26How Looks Capital of Christmas

26. Strasbourg restaurants. You can sit out on the street – the evening temperature did not fall below the five plus.

Strasbourg27How Looks Capital of Christmas

27. A month before Christmas the city is filled with beauty.

Strasbourg28How Looks Capital of Christmas

28. December in Strasbourg – a magical time. And the place is like a fairy-tale paced.

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