The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth

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Created by nature itself or skillful hands of artists, the riot of colors is always of particular interest and fascinating. On the planet there are many bright places in the literal sense of the word.
The formation of some of them put a man’s hand, while others for billions of years created nature itself.
The main unifying feature of all these attractions is a fascinating palette of colors, which can not be taken away from. Want to see the most luxurious parks and flower plantations on the planet, stroll along the shores of colorful sources and enjoy the beauty of unique architectural areas?
Then forward to new discoveries!
But remember that the most colorful places on the planet should be looked for not only on land, but also under water.

Hitachi-Seaside Park, Japan

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
In search of the most colorful and impressive places it is worth to visit Japan, one of the main attractions of the country is the Hitachi-Seaside Park. This luxurious flower garden is located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Hitatinka and occupies an area of ​​about 120 hectares, for many years the Hitachi-Seaside Park is one of the most visited sights of the country. The main distinctive feature of the park is the diversity of flowers growing on its territory, it is here that one of the most important flower festivals in the country annually take place.

Many experienced tourists are eager to visit the park in May, when the annual festival “Harmony and Nemophiles” is held there. At this time, a large part of its territory is covered by a lush carpet of American forget-me-nots, sky-blue flowers look simply irresistible. At different times of the year the territory of the park is “painted” in different colors. At the end of May, a festival of daffodils and tulips is held on its territory, and in the first days of summer, the lush bushes of kohii are always planted in the park. You can see the Hitachi-Seaside park, painted in scarlet, in September and October.

The large-scale park, which today is considered one of the most beautiful in the country, was founded in 1991, earlier on its territory was the American military base. Recently, a small zoo and a lunapark have been opened in the park, so today it is one of the most popular family vacation spots in the region. The number of flowers that annually blossom in the park is estimated at millions, only tulips here annually grow more than 170 species. The charming Hitachi-Seaside Park is an incredibly colorful and romantic place.

Dead Valley, Namibia

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
It is unlikely that anyone will come to mind to look for colorful landscapes in the desert, however, such an amazing place on the planet is. Annually the goal of brave tourists is the ancient desert of the planet Namib, in which the unique “Dead Valley” is located. According to approximate estimates of scientists, the desert appeared on the planet more than 80 million years ago, for such a huge period of time in its territory, many unique landscapes were formed.

One of the most picturesque areas of the desert is the “Dead Valley”, its landscape is unique and is characterized by a riot of colors. High sand dunes of bright orange color against the blue sky look unique, contrast to such a cheerful landscape is the black skeletons of burnt trees. The landscape that opens to visitors of these amazing places, more like the scenery for the next film-catastrophe.

As scientists managed to find out, the place where the “Dead Valley” is located today was once a picturesque oasis. It regularly rained, which filled a small lake, around the miniature pond grew a lot of exotic trees and other plants. When the climate on the planet once again changed, the oasis dried up and turned into a lifeless valley, the former greatness of which resemble only dried trees. This amazing place, located in the Sossusflei region, is sure to appeal to travelers who like unusual excursions and have long dreamed of admiring the spectacular surreal landscape.

Tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
In the western part of the Netherlands there is a picturesque Lisse community, whose main attraction is the extensive fields of tulips for many years. Travelers who visit these amazing places in the period from March to August will have the opportunity to admire the colorful and enchanting spectacle.

Extensive plantations of tulips of various colors occupy a huge area, for several months of the year beautiful flowers paint the fields literally in all colors of the rainbow. Admire the plantations very interesting from a bird’s eye view, tulips of various varieties form on the ground plantations of a certain geometric shape and harmoniously intertwine in a huge abstract pattern.
In total, plantations annually grow more than three billion flowers, almost all the plants grown on plantations are subsequently exported to other countries. Travelers who decide to visit the area of ​​Lisse, admire the beautiful plantations will be offered during bus excursions. Fans of more original entertainment prefer to appreciate the colorful scenery during the helicopter walk, from the height you can fully appreciate the scale of the plantations and their harmonious appearance.

Rapeseed fields in Luping, China

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
In China, one of the most colorful places is the Luping district, it is here that the largest plantations of rapeseed are located in the country. In early March, rape blooms and colors hilly terrain with spacious terraces in golden colors, giving people a truly unique sight. Travelers who want to see this unique natural attraction should visit Luping in late February or early March, and by June the rapeseed fields completely fade.

It is noteworthy that until recently plantations remained outside the attention of numerous tourists who safely passed them on the way to other significant sights of the region. A few years ago, these amazing places attracted photographers, whose photos made the rapeseed fields an incredibly popular tourist destination. Since the plantations are located in a difficult hilly terrain, they literally represent a set of terraces located at different heights.

From certain angles you can make incredibly spectacular “three-dimensional” photos, in combination with dark hills and trees, golden rape plantations look incredible. Tourists who visit these fabulous places will have the opportunity to look at one of the local beekeeping farms and buy a jar of wonderful rapeseed honey, fragrant rape flowers like not only photographers, but also bees. Those who want to take with them spectacular memorable photos, it is best to go to the local area of ​​Shivandashan, from its territory one of the most beautiful landscapes opens.

Lake Retba, Senegal

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
Coloring the world around in bright colors can not only beautiful flowers, but also bacteria, excellent confirmation is served by the Lake Retba located in Senegal. This unique pond is characterized by a rich pink color of water, the secret of the amazing lake is quite simple – it has a special kind of cyanobacteria. It is noteworthy that they are one of the oldest microorganisms living on the earth, and one of the few living things that can live in saturated salt water.

Retba is one of the most saline lakes on the planet, the concentration of salt in it is one and a half times more than in the water of the Dead Sea. There is a unique natural attraction not far from the peninsula of Zapadny Cape, an amazing pink lake is quite large, its area is 3 square meters. Km. The depth of the reservoir is comparatively small, its maximum value is 3 meters. For more than forty years, Retba has been used for salt extraction, and numerous tourists are attracted to these places to swim in the pink surface of salt water on a boat.

Well-known natural attraction and to fans of races, Retba is the final destination of the Paris-Dakar race. In the immediate vicinity of the lake there is a small settlement, on its deserted banks lives the tribe “Wolof”. Literally all the inhabitants of the tribe are busy with the extraction of salt, for a moderate fee they gladly take with them to fish for tourists and devote them to all the subtleties of their complicated business. Unprepared person to contact with salt water of the lake is undesirable, it is so salty that it can leave serious burns on the skin. Local residents have found a great way to protect themselves by going fishing, they are rubbed with special oil of a greasy tree.

Takinowe Park, Japan

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
In Japan, on the island of Hokkaido is a beautiful park Takinoue. It is located near Asahikawa, the main decoration of the luxurious park of 100 square meters. Km are miniature pink flowers of a shchyzakur. An amazing landscape park resembles a huge pink carpet with intricate patterns, surrounded by green hills. Every year, the best florists of the country work on decorating a wonderful park, and each year Takinoue looks special.

To admire a beautiful park is convenient from one of the nearby hills, at any moment visitors of these amazing places will have the opportunity to descend from the hill and stroll directly through the park. The park received its name in honor of the nearby village of the same name, the very first landscape park on the hillside was founded in 1956. It is noteworthy that at that time the founders of the park sowed only one box of shibazakur seeds on the slope, with each year the number of seeds used grew, until the beautiful pink flowers took up the entire slope of the hill.

On the territory of the park for visitors laid many winding paths, strolling along which you can slowly climb to the very top of the hill. With its incredible beauty, the Takinoue landscape park pleases only one month of the year, at this time, alongside it, there are always many souvenir stalls and restaurants. In addition, during the flowering shibazakura in the park, literally every day there are interesting thematic and entertainment events.

Procida Island, Italy

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
The charming island of Procida, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, not far from Naples, can also be safely considered one of the most colorful places on the planet. One of the main distinctive features of this miniature islet is its unique architecture, or rather, picturesque houses with facades painted in different colors. Since ancient times, an amazing island attracted the attention of painters, poets and writers who were looking for among its colorful streets inspiration for new masterpieces.

The easiest and quickest way to appreciate the beauty of Procida streets is to take a ride on a micro taxi, which in itself is an amazing sight. Such funny three-wheeled cars can be seen only on this island, during the trip the driver will certainly tell a lot of interesting stories about the island, its historical and cultural traditions. Travelers who have enough time, it is worth to stroll along the island on foot, its area is relatively small and is about 4 square meters. Km.

The location of the buildings on the hilly island is also special, they were built by cascades. Travelers wishing to make spectacular memorable photos should take a ride along the shore by boat or boat, a very beautiful panorama of Procida is opened at the entrance to the port area. Currently, the island is home to a little more than 10 000 people, in addition to incredibly beautiful old houses, you can find a lot of interesting things. Priceless historical sights, national restaurants and chic souvenir shops – these are just a few attractive features of the miniature Procida.

Quarter Bo Kaap, South Africa

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth

In Cape Town, too, there is an amazing colorful quarter – Bo Kaap. Once it was an inconspicuous Malay quarter, and over the years it turned into a real open-air museum. The main feature of the picturesque historic quarter is also the low ancient houses, the facades of which were painted in all colors of the rainbow. Some buildings, which can now be seen on the territory of the quarter, were built in the middle of the 18th century, miraculously they managed to preserve their pristine architecture.

One of the main attractions of the Bo Kaap Quarter is the Nurul Islam mosque, which was built in 1844, and also guests will have the opportunity to visit the most interesting museum and appreciate the situation of colorful houses from the inside. Despite its current popularity, Bo Kaap continues to be one of the quietest and tranquil areas of Cape Town, with its territory offering a beautiful view of the Table Mountain.

A walk through the picturesque Malay region is sure to please lovers of the sweet, the famous chocolate factory continues to work on its territory for many years. You will like the area and those who like to take pictures. Against the backdrop of colorful antique villas, whose facades today are decorated in rich acid colors, you can make many beautiful memorable photos.

National Park “Valley of Flowers”, India

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
The most colorful and attractive place in India can safely be called the National Park “Valley of Flowers”. Fabulously beautiful national park is located in the Chamoli area, it has been glorified to the whole world by fantastically beautiful mountain landscapes and a variety of beautiful flowers. Currently, the area of ​​the national park is about 88 square meters. Km, for many years the colorful park attracts not only nature lovers and tourists, but also professional researchers.

On its territory there are many rare animals and birds that are on the verge of extinction, and the number of rare species of flowers and other plants is hundreds. For the locals, the Valley of Flowers is mystical, and many of them believe that these incredibly beautiful places have been chosen for the fairies to live. A magical valley, surrounded by beautiful Himalayan mountains, experienced travelers recommend visiting in July or August. At this time the park is always adorned with lush carpets of mountain flowers that make the valley look like a colorful art canvas.

Those who do not like walking under the scorching summer sun, it is worth considering that for the national park, there are specific climatic conditions. Even at the height of summer temperatures rarely rise above 17 ° C. Those who love flowers, during a walk in the park will have the opportunity to see the rarest of their kinds. Beautiful lilies and primroses, the rarest blue poppies and the familiar chamomile, calendula and dozens of carpet anemones are the main decorations of the amazing fairy valley.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
Looking for amazing colorful landscapes should not only be on the ground, but also under water, the center of gravity for divers from all over the world continues to be the Great Barrier Reef. The world’s largest coral reef is a collection of more than 900 islands and about 2,900 smaller coral reefs, the length of the Great Barrier Reef is very impressive and is about 2,500 meters. The area of ​​this amazing natural site is also more than impressive, it is about 344 square meters. Km.

By the beauty of the largest coral reef of the planet there are no equal, it is inhabited by incredibly beautiful living organisms. Colorful coral polyps, thousands of bright fish and rare underwater plants – you can endlessly admire the harmonious view of the reef. For the guests of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef has been for many years one of the main attractions, special climatic conditions allow divers to underwater diving all year round.

According to modern researchers, the formation of an amazing natural object, which is now visible even from outer space, began more than 18 million years ago. These amazing places will be interesting to visit even those who have never been fond of diving, they will have the opportunity to relax on the fabulously beautiful coast, which in itself can be considered a unique creation of nature.

A large prismatic source, USA

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
The most colorful and incredibly spectacular place in the United States is to be found in Yellowstone National Park, one of its main and incredible sights is the Great Prismatic Spring. The discovery of this amazing natural site took place in 1839, a huge source, water in which overflows with a variety of colors, American researchers found.

With its incredible appearance, a large prismatic source is obliged to the active activity of pigmented bacteria, which mainly live along its edges. In the central part of the source, water usually has a deep blue color due to the high mineral content, and around the edges water can take a variety of shades, from green to ocher.

The color of the water along the edges of the source varies depending on the time of the year, during the summer period the banks of the prismatic source are usually painted in orange-red colors. Travelers who visit an amazing natural attraction in winter, the landscape will also be pleased, at this time of year the banks of the source are painted in emerald color. The large prismatic source is the third largest in the world, its length is 91 meters, and the width is 75 meters, respectively. The source is rather deep, its maximum depth is about 49 meters.

Shark Bay, Australia

The Brightest and Most Colorful Places on Earth
On the northwest coast of Australia is one of the most colorful sights of the planet – the beautiful Shark Bay. Annually this picturesque place is visited by more than 120 000 travelers from all over the world, all of them pursue a single goal – to admire the fabulously beautiful landscapes of “Shark Bay”. One of the main unique features of the bay are marine stromatolites, it is to this unique natural formations that it owes its irresistible appearance.

Stromatolites are one of the oldest forms of life on earth, according to scientists, they existed on our planet 3,5 billion years ago. For billions of years they have formed on the coast small hills and painted it in a rich color of ocher, which is an incredible contrast to the sky-blue water. Many travelers prefer to admire the beauty of these places during hiking, while others order helicopter tours to see the unique natural formation from a bird’s eye view.

The beautiful bay of Shark is ideal for a beach holiday, it has many secrets. One of such secrets is incredibly beautiful and bold dolphins, which are especially often seen near the Monkey-Maya beach. Despite the awesome name, there are no sharks in “Shark Bay”, so you can safely enjoy a comfortable and safe holiday, admire the wonderful land and underwater landscapes.


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