How to Make a Boat out of the Fridge

These fishermen from the village of Tanauan lost their homes and boats during supertyphoon “Haiyan” in the Philippines , but they did not lose heart and began to make boats from abandoned refrigerators. This unusual story told Reuters photographer Damir Sagolj.

The idea to make a boat out of the fridge and came up with bamboo children fisherman Jimmy Obaldo, lost everything during supertyphoon. The boat got lucky and picked up this idea the other fishermen. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

And here is the catch. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

Here is such a boat. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

It looks like a typhoon destroyed village Tanauan. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

Fishermen on a boat-fridge, November 20, 2013. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

Analysis of the catch. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

Right – Fisherman Jimmy Obaldo, who first made a boat out of the fridge. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

Small catch. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

Village Tanauan. Many people have lost everything during supertyphoon. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

Daily catch one of the fishermen. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

Boat refrigerator. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

As a result of the typhoon in the Philippines, killing at least 3,974 people, another 1,186 missing. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

These people have lost everything, but do not lose optimism and just trying to survive. Village Tanauan, Philippines, November 20, 2013. (Reuters | Damir Sagolj):

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