The Old-fashioned Portraits by Billy & Hells

Billy & Hells – duo of photographers from Nuremberg Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger from Munich. They began to work in the field of fashion photography, and later, to some extent, by chance, stumbled upon a technique that defined the style of their later work. These are then combined in Photoshop, resulting in an image that seems to simultaneously possess the qualities of both a black-and-white and a colour image. With your image split in this way, you can then perform more sophisticated tonal processes on the black-and-white layer in isolation, while easily retaining your perfect, flat colours.

Old-fashioned01 Old-fashioned02 Old-fashioned03 Old-fashioned04 Old-fashioned05 Old-fashioned06 Old-fashioned07 Old-fashioned08 Old-fashioned09 Old-fashioned10 Old-fashioned11 Old-fashioned12 Old-fashioned13 Old-fashioned14 Old-fashioned15

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