The best mosaics of the world: 7 places that will surprise you

Miracle from nothing. Perhaps, this is how you can characterize mosaic art. We offer seven places that will surprise even the most experienced traveler.

Park Guell, Barcelona

Antonio Gaudi was a great fan of making compositions from fragments of glass and ceramics. It is he who is considered the author of the first work in the world of rubbish: the architect asked workers from the surrounding construction sites to bring him fragments of tiles and broken utensils. So there was the famous staircase of Park Güell, mosaic benches in the form of a sea snake and a motley salamander, which became the symbol of Barcelona. And the ceiling of the “Hall of a hundred columns” is made of former bottles for rose water.

Mosaics of Ravenna, Sicily

In the V-VI century, when Ravenna visited the capital of the Western Roman Empire and again returned to the Byzantine Empire, the very mosaics were created that impress us to this day. Compositions of colored glass, smalt, semiprecious stones and marble in the basilica of Sant-Apollinaire in-Classe and San Vitale illustrate church dogmas through the symbols of Holy Scripture. The third mandatory point for visiting Ravenna is the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo.

Mosaics of Madaba, Jordan

Madaba was called the “city of mosaics” – from the moment when Byzantine masters began decorating Christian churches with them. The first step is to go to the church of St. George, where on the floor there is an ancient map of the Holy Land with Jerusalem in the center. Be sure to look at the mosaics in the Church of the Blessed Virgin and the outdoor panel “The Incarnation of the Sea” on the ruins of the church of the Apostles.

The mural project of Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural Project, Vietnam

The largest ceramic mosaic of the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural Project, its area is 1,570.2 sq.m. The idea belonged to the journalist and artist Nguyen Tu Tuy. Images illustrating the history of Vietnam, modern works and children’s drawings replaced the graffiti with graffiti, with which the dam of the river Hongha (Red River) was struck. The three-year project was completed by the millennium of Hanoi. A total of 35 Vietnamese and 10 artists from other countries worked on the 4- kilometer mosaic.

Villa del Casale

A vast ancient Roman villa, built in the early 4th century on Sicily, became famous for its perfectly preserved mosaics, which are part of the design of almost every room. The hit collection – sports girls in bikinis: their cross-program included playing ball, throwing a disc, running with dumbbells and other less-accepted activities now. Recently, the villa was included in the UNESCO Heritage List.

Friday Mosque, Iran

The walls of the ancient cathedral mosque of Yazd (XII-XIV centuries .) Are almost completely covered with mosaic – inside and out. Perhaps, it is for this that the architectural monument was placed on a banknote in 200 rials. Particularly impressive is the tallest minaret of Iran (48 m.), Decorated with ornaments from small tiles.

Picassett House, France

Once a resident of the town of Chartres Raymond Isidor walked along the street and saw lying pieces of broken glass and dishes. Thus began his fascination with mosaics, and for a quarter of a century he decorated with unusual paintings all the surfaces of his property, including furniture, floors and ceilings, a garden and a patio. The author even received the nickname “Picasso of the plates” (Picasso de l’assiette), from which the name of the house took place.

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