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Expressive Black and White Photography by Benoit Courti

France-based photographer Benoit Courti, after working as a music composer, decided to shift his career and became a professional photographer in 2010. He mainly creates expressive black and white photography.

“Deep Black” is beautiful series of black and white photography by French photographer Benoit Courti.

Fascinated by photography since his childhood, he first embraced a career as a music composer before becoming a professional portrait/art photographer in 2010.

His images fall everywhere on the spectrum from dark and brooding portraits to light, atmospheric shots of animals.

Expressive Black and White Photography by Benoit Courti:

benoit-courti 01 benoit-courti 02 benoit-courti 03 benoit-courti 04 benoit-courti 05 benoit-courti 06 benoit-courti 07 benoit-courti 08 benoit-courti 09 benoit-courti 10 benoit-courti 11 benoit-courti 12 benoit-courti 13 benoit-courti 14 benoit-courti 15

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