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Larger than Life Animal Street Art Statues by Bordalo II

Bordalo II has created a series of artwork that relies only on trash to create awesome, larger-than-life animal street art statues.

Each animal is made out of the materials responsible for its decline, making each piece of artwork incredibly powerful. The eco-friendly artist’s goal is to bring awareness to problems associated with waste production, not reusing valuable materials, pollution and the combined effects all of this is having on the planet and animals.

All of the materials used to build his animal street art comes completely from end-of-life materials, most of which he finds in abandoned factories, wastelands or just randomly.

Larger than Life Animal Street Art Statues by Bordalo II:

animal-street-art 01 animal-street-art 02 animal-street-art 03 animal-street-art 04 animal-street-art 05 animal-street-art 06 animal-street-art 07 animal-street-art 08 animal-street-art 09 animal-street-art 10 animal-street-art 11 animal-street-art 12 animal-street-art 13 animal-street-art 14 animal-street-art 15 animal-street-art 16 animal-street-art 17

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