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Amazing Heavenly Bridge Langkawi

500 million years lived in peace mountain on the island of Langkawi … But in 2005, was the end of a quiet and peaceful life of the mountain. Between the two peaks at a height of 652.5 meters above sea level “frozen” over the gorge miracle bridge stretching into the sky. Heavenly Bridge Langkawi (Langkawi Sky Bridge) – one of the highest singly-bridges in the world. The amazing design of the pedestrian bridge just something kept on a single column. Weather permitting, the bridge offers spectacular views of the Andaman Sea from the islands, green rainforests and mountains.


1. Amazing bridge is in Malaysia at an altitude of 700 meters and extends over the gorge between the mountains Ganung.


2. Its length is 125 m, width 1.8 m, and it is unique in that it is fully suspended on cables.


3. Graceful curve of the bridge allows a certain point to experience the illusion of free-floating over the abyss that stretches beneath.


4. A rising even higher – to a height of 710 meters above sea level, you will get to the observation deck.


5. From the bridge a magnificent, breathtaking views of the mountains, jungle green, Andaman Sea and the island. On a clear day you can even see neighboring Thailand.


6. The bridge was built in 2005. Convenient triangular platforms located on the edges of the bridge provide a place to stay. So you can relax and evaluate the beauty of nature and the incredible display of engineering.


7. Heavenly Bridge Langkawi is safe, a lot of care and attention has been invested into it to give the visitors the attraction psychological sense of security. It includes a double steel rails on the upper level as well as private wire mesh.


8. In bad weather on the bridge to be dangerous, since it is very vulnerable to lightning strikes, so in the event of thunderstorms are special evacuation routes pedestrians.


9. The bridge is a cable car ascent up takes about 20 minutes.




11. The cable car station is located in the East Village (Oriental Village) at the foot of the mountain Machincang mountain and close to the beach, Pantai Kok on the island of Langkawi in Kedah state.


12. Almost every month the cable car is closed for several days for scheduled maintenance.




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