The Misadventures of a Little Girl Adopted into a Mad World

Alice is a nine year old aspiring model/actress who enjoys cosplay. She was adopted by a photographer family at the age of seven. At the time of her adoption she decided that she wanted to change her name to Alice after Lewis Carroll’s beloved character. If you’d like to see more images from Alice’s life check our her facebook page.

The Misadventures of a Little Girl Adopted into a Mad World:

Joan of Arc

Edward Scissorhands

Marie Antoinette

Alice in Wonderland

Alice Lewis, age 8 as Alice in Wonderland (her namesake)


Carrie White

Alice Lewis, age 9 as Stephen King’s Carrie White


The Summoning

India Stoker

Little Miss Muffet

Wonder Woman


Alice Lewis, age 7 as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (featuring Hagrid as Toto)


Margot Tenenbaum

Porcelain Dolly

Hello Sailor!

Mother and daughter portrait.

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