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Poetic Alexandra Levasseur’s Artwork

Poetic Alexandra Levasseur’s Artwork.
Poetic Alexandra Levasseur’s artwork puts into scene tormented feminine figures in dream-like landscapes.

As she tells us, she believes that women still remain the symbol for the expression of universal emotions such as love, fear, anguish and unrequited desire which are the central themes for her art. Alexandra Levasseur explores both, the loneliness and the bipolarity of the human state of existence through the representation of memories.

“When the fall comes, the body is looking for physical comfort. The feminines figures represented find themselves surrounded with wool clothes, blankets and pillows. “Duvets” and walls are covered with colorfull flower patterns, simulating spring and summer life and the warmth of the nest where to hide until the sun comes again. In the winter days, the bathtub hot water remains the best way to console the skin and bones from this unkind climate.”

Poetic Alexandra Levasseur’s Artwork:

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