Female Deities on Walls by Street Artist Alex Mac 3HC

Born in 1973 in Paris, France, the young artist Alex Mac 3HC grew up drawing and inspired by hip-hop culture.
Alex Mac 3HC started covering the walls of the French capital and its suburbs with lettering and characters, soon finding his own style.
Alex Mac 3HC specializes in large-scale portraits, often depicting prominent figures in the rap music industry or oneiric women.
Alex Mac 3HC heroines are Native American beauties, futuristic and sensual androids, and inspiring priestesses… encompassing the mystic beauty of female goddesses and bewitching viewers and in others in the art community.

Parisian street artist Alex Mac H3C is a classical urban artist, except he excels and is one the best at what he does! He really masters the portrait painting, modeling the light on the skin with perfection and contrasts it very well with a composition of solid colors. He virtuously plays with mashups of different cultures as Hip-hop, Indian, Cyberpunk, Manga and others. The only lack he has would be his personal style. Unlike Hopare he collaborated with, it is way more difficult to recognize his art.

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Female Deities on Walls by Street Artist Alex Mac 3HC:

female-deities-on-walls-by-street-artist-alex-mac-3hc“ARTCURIAL URBAN ART”
collaboration with BROK – HOPARE

female-deities-on-walls-by-street-artist-alex-mac-3hc“KOMBAT” – Raw Circles
Inspired by a picture of Erika

female-deities-on-walls-by-street-artist-alex-mac-3hc“MAGIC GARDEN” Part 1
collective with Hopare and others
Inspired by a picture from Jan Scholz


female-deities-on-walls-by-street-artist-alex-mac-3hc“SKWAU” (detail)
collective wall
Background by Stack

Spray paint and acrylic on canvas – 2011

Spray paint and acrylic on canvas – 2011

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