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Aircraft Interior of World Leaders

In this issue you will see photographs of Nick Gleis – gorgeous views “stuffing” of private jets of African dictators and other heads of state. Copyright images not disclose exactly who fly on these planes.

privatejets01 How and on what fly "powers that be"
1. Until recently, most of the works were Glyaysa unnoticed by the general public. (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets02 How and on what fly "powers that be"
2. These pictures were interested mainly only his wealthy clients. (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets03 How and on what fly "powers that be"
3. Nick photographs Glace most exclusive and expensive private jets in the world. (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets04 How and on what fly "powers that be"
4. Glace himself describes his photographs as “extremely sensitive.” Nick photographed private jets for African heads of state, including Cameroon, as well as China. However, due to strict secrecy, he did not disclose which of its customers own one or another picture. (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets05 How and on what fly "powers that be"
5. Glace – not an artist, so that his works are rarely exhibited in art galleries, though, according to his website, he studied with influential photographer Ansel Adams. (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets06 How and on what fly "powers that be"
6. However Glace photos were chosen to sign a photo exhibition held in the UK in the International Festival of Photography. Photographer himself believes that his photographs were selected for the exhibition “because of the unique design and unusual nature of the interior of aircraft, as well as influential because of their owners.” (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets07 How and on what fly "powers that be"
7. Glace photographed worldwide private jets many Hollywood celebrities, members of royal families, as well as aircraft entire companies, which could even fit tables for conferences. (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets08 How and on what fly "powers that be"
8. In addition to aircraft, Glace also had the opportunity to photograph other oddities travelers premium. “Due to the unique financial situation of most of my clients, they have and other luxury items such as a large collection of exotic cars, etc. And I photographed them, too. ” (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets09 How and on what fly "powers that be"
9. Photo Credit strongly contrasts with the way in which the curator decided to present these works. (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets10 How and on what fly "powers that be"
10. According to the curator Martin Parr exhibition in Brighton called “New Documents” was the first Festival: “borderless” in the world: it was done in order to display the position of the plague of the economy, as well as brightness and immediacy of modern photography. (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

privatejets11 How and on what fly "powers that be"
11. “Traveling the world, I’m looking for new photos from Japan, Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as from Europe and North America,” – says Parr. (NICK GLEIS PHOTOGRAPHY)

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