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Adventures of a Sad Keanu

It all started in June 2010, when a photographer spotted Keanu Reeves, who was eating a sandwich on a bench in a New York park. And this iconic photo turned into a new fotomem in an unusual way. The image was metastatic: he was isolated from the original and pasted into new scenes all over the web. Sad Keanu was born, and then reborn, as a life-like 3D rendering.

SadKeanu01 SadKeanu02 SadKeanu03 SadKeanu04 SadKeanu05 SadKeanu06 SadKeanu07 SadKeanu08 SadKeanu09 SadKeanu10 SadKeanu11 SadKeanu12 SadKeanu13 SadKeanu14 SadKeanu15 SadKeanu16 SadKeanu17 SadKeanu18 SadKeanu19 SadKeanu20 SadKeanu21 SadKeanu22 SadKeanu23 SadKeanu24 SadKeanu25 SadKeanu26 SadKeanu27 SadKeanu28 SadKeanu29 SadKeanu30 SadKeanu31 SadKeanu32 SadKeanu33 SadKeanu34 SadKeanu35 SadKeanu36 SadKeanu37 SadKeanu38 SadKeanu39 SadKeanu40

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