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Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1

Photographer Howard Schatz has released a book called In Character: Actors Acting. Schatz took over the role of the director and the actors not only photographed in various dramatic scenes, but interviewed them. Vanity Fair was so pleased with the idea that the magazine offered Shatsu continue this project with some of the brightest names in Hollywood. Everything you see in these pictures – continuous improvisation.

Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Allison Janney
1. You mother-in-law that the newly formed only in the heat of an argument called “bitch.” “You, my dear, yet even have no idea what a bitch I can be”
2. You are a Buddhist, vegan, which has a new boyfriend dragged on professional boxing. And then you jumped, and how zaoret: “Come on, kill, Finish him!!”
3. You 8 years old and his friends swim in the quarry. Your older friends “on the weak” and thinly veiled threats made ​​you climb the highest cliff …
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Josh Charles
1. Are you an unemployed husband, who decided to make his working wife a surprise. You come to her work to treat her just prepared fritatoy. And finds his wife in the arms of her assistant Diana.
2. You are my father, whose daughter was missing in a national park. On television, you turn to the audience to help find her, “We have to find her, people who help me to find her”
3. Are you a pathological gambler who owed ​​a lot of money mafia. Last three thousand you just put it on the horse, whose chances of 26 to 1. And now she is on the last leg to the finish line, on the floor of the head behind the leader.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Julie Bowen
1. You ensure that women have come shopping at Harrods. You just caught a security guard, noticing how you shoved cans of caviar his clutch. “I absolutely do not understand how they could get here!”
2. You are a housewife, looking out of the window of his house. You can see how the house across the road and bykovaty korotkostrizhenny your neighbor is facing a huge mirror in his wife’s underwear.
3. You are an adult woman, head of a large company. You just broke into the office of his boss to demand an explanation why you were fired, and at your place took the young boy for less money.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
John Slattery
1. You are a priest from a small working town. you listen to the confession of his nephew, who admits that you killed a man.
2. You gangsta rapper who bouncer at the entrance to a trendy club just said, “You do not exist in the list.”
3. You are a six-year boy, stripped the knee on the playground. You wait for your mom to finish talking on the phone to scream for dear life.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Tracy Morgan
1. You are a young father who teaches his young daughter to ride a bike. You just stopped supporting her and she immediately fell in the ditch.
2. Are you a cat that just ate the canary.
3. You are a young man who refuses to believe that his girlfriend throws. Do you think that if you plug your ears and do not hear as she tells you that it is time to leave, then everything will be fine.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Ricky Gervais
1. You are hated by all his colleagues office sycophant Duty laughing at unfunny racist joke his boss.
2. You finalist of the contest “Miss Universe”. A nanosecond before you are awarded fifth place, you remember that you need to portray the emotion on his face, “oh, I’m so happy.”
3. You are naive school nerd, you absolutely do not suspect that you were appointed “King of the discharge” in jest and jeer at you all around.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Brendan Fraser
1. You shift supervisor at the factory, you bet $ 200 on a football game and a second before the final whistle, your team has not scored.
2. You novice who wants to jump with a parachute. Your instructor just told you to “Go!” But you did not hear. “What? can not hear! what did you say? “
3. You are a student of sixth grade. Along with fellow you giggle over the biology teacher, who just said the word “penis.”
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Ken Jeong
1. You longbordist who found the secret beach with a crazy steep slope. Once you have gathered his master how to get noticed by local and go beat face.
2. You are a seller of used cars, showing in their commercials as “Babble” save his clients.
3. You Romanian gymnastics coach, screaming in despair of his 12-year-old ward, ‘You fool! d-u-p-ah! “
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Jason Schwartzman
1. Your name is Adam and you five years. You stick your hand a rat in a box in which your seven-year old sister Lacey keeps her underwear.
2. You Lacy, seven year old sister of Adam, you just opened the box in which you keep your underwear.
3. You, Adam, who is hiding in the closet and enjoy watching the way your sister Lacey terrified and screaming AAAAAA running around the room.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Laurence Fishburne
1. You are poverty-stricken screenwriter, who was able to arrange a meeting with a representative of the studio. You really need to make a good impression. But the comfort of the restaurant where there was a meeting, you can see how some fucking pickup, leaving the parking lot, ramming your rent a Lamborgini.
2. You stoned teacher, substitute lesson in third grade. Before you fall asleep, you warn the disciples, who even beeps, go home to your mother in pieces.
3. You are 11-year-old gamer who has got to BlizzCon. In an environment such as zadrotov gamers, you are extremely emotionally and seriously playing World of Warcraft.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Hope Davis
1. Are you a graduate of the Yale School of Drama, you’re overreacting creepy monologue Lady Macbeth “Out, damned spot away” at the audition.
2. You are a 13 year old girl, you’re outraged by the fact that the large family gatherings all the praise only your younger brother.
3. You are a lonely old woman, to obfuscation in love with teleaktera. You have just seen how he comes out of the restaurant and are confident that he sent it to you.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Jane Lynch
1. You are a little kid, my mother who had just shoved in his mouth a spoonful of medicine. You promised that it tasty, and now mom says if suddenly seem not tasty, it will not work.
2. At a dinner party you are in desperate characters trying to show her boyfriend that he stopped at the table to discuss your sex life.
3. You have recently embarked on skis and decided to just try out the “black” route. Now you are rushing the hill, not realizing how can inhibit, and in front of you tree.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Brooke Shields
1. You’re a celebrity, invited to dinner at the White House. Once you have tried all evening to ignore your neighbor, you finally have to pay attention to it, even though he had “no one and his name is nothing.”
2. You are a housewife from Kansas on vacation in Las Vegas. You’ve come to the show hypnotist who hypnotized your husband’s duck quack.
3. You are sitting in the fourth row on school performance and was horrified to see how your 15-year-old daughter had forgotten lyrics.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Thomas Haden Church
1. You Neapolitan mafia capo, you listen to his assistant, who came to tell you that he’s going to do “solo career”: Boss, I’m on you and gather his gang, you do not mind?
2. You are the designer gay was hired to furnish and decorate the new palace of the Arab emir. His assistant, ending the meeting, saying to you, Amir insists that before starting work you and your wife would have had supper with him.
3. You are 15-year-old bonehead. Leaving the crazy party (which you were not supposed to be), you can see how the students are stolen lamborghini your dad (which you absolutely can not take it).
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Michael Imperioli
1. You’ve come to the store to return the broken laptop, but the seller instead of having to take and swap says – sign up for computer courses. Frantic you shout to him, but do not need to be computer-literate to understand – this garbage just broke!
2. You are an Iraqi father, your son accidentally burst a soccer ball and ran for cotton by American soldiers. They pointed their machines on it. You scream – do not shoot, it’s just a baby!
3. You crashed into the rear ehavshey front of the car. Got out the carrier began to yell at you and threaten all the penalties of the air, although you, well, at best, barely scratched his bumper. You are trying to appease this hysteria: quieter, friend, do not get excited.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Jane Krakowski
1. You finalist of the “Home supermodel America.” You hear how they say is your rival, that she should leave the show and you prepare internally “sincere” hug her goodbye.
2. Are you a stand-up comedian, performing in a nightclub in Toronto. In the hall sat a talent scout from HBO and Saturday Night Live, and you realize that your jokes about chicks lesbians them quite fun.
3. Well, you, like, 15 years old and, like, in love with a nice little ooooochen pusechku 17-year-old, and even though it’s with you before maximum greeted in the hallway, he just sent you sms: and you do not mind the type of I type in the exhaust to go along? to the prom!
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Jeff Daniels
1. You forward a team NBA. You just lightly touched the opponent. You all kind trying to show that it’s almost a mortal wound. You groan, the bending of the pain and, in general, you, of course, for such a representation is necessary “Oscar” to give. Although you have enough and foul, the opposing team Passed.
2. You are a terrible foodie experiencing orgasm from shaped dishes are served to you.
3. You are 11-grader who has just been publicly insulted and humiliated the school bully. Leaving the tail between your legs you still will not miss the chance to have the last word, and even from the back to show him the facts.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Geoffrey Rush
1. Are you an emotional coach girl boxer. You jump around the ring, and say to her: She took you for a Man! She stole your baby! Well, ka, come and kill this fucking cow!
2. You are happily married for five years. It is not that right very happy, but you’re happy with your marriage and calm. You explain to his wife, “Honey, I said Rubens proportions, it does not mean fat! Well, that’s you! This means Rubens proportions. “
3. You are 10-year-old boy playing with a ball with a dog in an apartment on a high floor of a skyscraper. Just got your ball flew out of the window, and jumped after him and your dog.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Jeff Goldblum
1. You are a 14-year-old son of a single mother. Are you ready to listen to her inner naive attempt to tell you about where babies come from. With examples from the life of insects. all sorts of bees, flowers, pollination.
2. On the evening of the release of your daughter her cute girlfriend on which you secretly always pyalites said to you, “Mr. Lefokvits, well, you can not possibly be 58 years old, you’re too cool.”
3. Are you a student who should pronounce a solemn speech. You have just been presented to the audience, but your entire prepared speech absolutely flew out of your head.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Terrence Howard
1. You are a successful young lawyer. Your neighbor at a dinner party just begun to tell you “you are black, so talented … jazz … basketball.”
2. You are standing at the altar and watch the aisle is your bride with her ​​father. And then you realize that now make the biggest mistake of his life.
3. You are a New York cab driver, only the dollar tip for a $ 45 ride from the airport. You could barely hold back, not to say “yes shove them myself in the ass, greedy bastard.”
4. You are a powerful Hollywood producer. You’ve just decided to agree to a meeting with a beautiful, naive ingenue. And you think of only one thing …
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Elisabeth Moss
1.You U.S. Secretary of State. You look with suspicion on the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, who has just told you, “Well, yes, we are easily ready to send 50,000 troops to Afghanistan.”
2. You are a nominee for the award “Oscar”. In the time of the announcement the winner of your opponent you realize that the camera is aimed particularly at you.
3. Are you a graduate of Yale University. As a member of the Peace Corps you went to a distant African country. So, getting out of the land-rover in a refugee camp, you first see that in fact the meaning of the words “hunger” and “poverty.”
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Fred Armis
1. During his first dinner at the White House you are trying to stay awake as long as your Vice President Joe Biden tells all and tells and tells you about his political exploits committed in the 70’s.
2. During a meeting with the National Security Advisor to the Assistant is right for you and reports that the White House was a pastor Jeremiah Wright (crazy pastor anti-Semitic racist, friendship which almost cost Obama the presidency.)
3. A month after his inauguration you find out that the “undisclosed location” (undisclosed Location – the usual excuse Seca press Cheney on the question of where exactly is his boss) , which disappeared by Vice President Dick Cheney – this storage room in your residence. and it’s still there!
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Greg Kinnear
1. You’re a cop, a rookie. Your sergeant just told you that the suspect, whom you shot, holding a mobile phone, not a gun.
2. You schoolboy, spying through a telescope for the tenants in the house next door. You’ve just spotted your math teacher in bed with the homeroom teacher.
3. You are a candidate for president on a giant dinner party in your honor. For that hour smile does not leave your face as you say hello to all invitees.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
David Schwimmer
1. You are a team player New England Patriots, which is the decisive match of the coach left the locker room. you understand that missed the chance of his life.
2. You entomologist on an expedition to the Amazon. You have just discovered a hitherto unknown science subspecies worm-buravschika.
3. You coach of the women’s volleyball team during the match. You shout his players: rip them to shreds, make them cry!
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Hal Holbrook
1. You investigator from North Korea. You told your men to stop beating and torturing the prisoner only when he made ​​a full confession.
2. You are homeless, who can not understand why he was arrested and dragged to his (incredibly shrill frame).
3. Are you a Baptist preacher, urging his flock “accept Jesus.”
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Bob Balaban
1. You postmaster, who had heard the shots in the next room.
2. You husband is very social and ambitious woman. You have just given up in an elite club membership.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Sydney Pollack
1. Are you a candidate for congressman. According to polls, your work is very bad. You sit in the election office and listened to a debate between your advisors.
2. You tailor. You watch the finicky customer who admires itself in the mirror and rejoice, as it sits well tailored suit you.
3. You’re a genius mathematician who realized that his life’s work was based on an erroneous formula.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Steve Gutenberg
1. You are obsessed with basketball coach, for the fifteenth time you work out methods with their worthless players from the third division team.
2. You little boy for the first time came to the zoo. The elephant just took you out of the hand nut trunk that you reached out to him.
3. You are a husband, wife pleading to give him another chance.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Christopher Lloyd
1. You violin teacher at the rehearsal. Your best student monstrous plays Mozart, it literally kills the work of genius.
2. You are a young father, who remained at home for the first time with his polutorogodovalymi triplets. They scatter in different directions!
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Eric Stoltz
1. Are you a teacher of elementary grades, for the fifth time asking students to calm down.
2. You skier who hears thunder impending avalanche.
3. You are conscientious CEO of a small company, which is to announce to their employees that there is no money for salaries and probably will not.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
The voice of Darth Vader and a excellent actor James Earl Jones
1. You District Attorney. Star of the charges and your best hope for a guilty verdict just lied under oath.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Martin Landau
3. One of your fellow retirees during your weekly game of checkers banal anecdote told you.
4. You mafia boss caught listening to justify an informer.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
James Cromwell
1. You just said that you have inoperable cancer.
2. You are watching a basketball game. At the last minute the team on which you have set loss, threw a three-pointer and won.
3. You are a caring father, your disabled daughter graduated with honors from college and you see how she handed the diploma.
Wonders of the Actor's Improvisation #1
Martin Landau
1. You see a shootout in their quiet, tree-lined street in Brooklyn.
2. You are listening to toast friends at a party on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of your wedding.


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