Society of Abandoned Toys

Greek photographer and designer Alexis Efstafopulos ( @ alef79 ) started shooting discarded toys after the shot hit one plastic horse: “What I like most about this photo, were forms: horse, line the sidewalk, fence … In the next days I again saw toys on the streets. Obviously, they were always on the streets of Athens, but I just did not notice them. “

Society of Abandoned Toys:

Abandoned-Toys01 Abandoned-Toys02 Abandoned-Toys03 Abandoned-Toys04 Abandoned-Toys05 Abandoned-Toys06 Abandoned-Toys07 Abandoned-Toys08 Abandoned-Toys09 Abandoned-Toys10 Abandoned-Toys11 Abandoned-Toys12 Abandoned-Toys13 Abandoned-Toys14 Abandoned-Toys15 Abandoned-Toys16 Abandoned-Toys17 Abandoned-Toys18 Abandoned-Toys19 Abandoned-Toys20

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