Abandoned forest cabins

The photos that will remind you how scary one at home to spend the night.

It would seem, in an empty house, where no one except you, fear nothing and nobody. But the sudden hooting, rustling in the corner, barely audible clatter – the sounds from which even the most daring runs through the chill of the skin, and in my head mystical thought.

The mysterious atmosphere of desolation – that’s what attracted Kai Fagerstroma to the old abandoned huts near his dacha in the village Suomusyarvi.

Peering through the broken windows and wooden doors wide gap, an amateur photographer noticed traces of small pads: mouse, badgers, squirrels, foxes and other furry intruders borders have settled here, where people have left their homes. “Coming into this house, I like going back to many years ago – the past is still here breathing in every corner – says 49-year-old Kai – And know, there is something comforting in the fact that nature reclaims space when- then given to people in temporary use. ”

First Kai photographed exclusively for themselves, enjoying the process of observing animals. But later, the project has become incredibly popular and was published as a book, published in Finnish, German and English. selected the most touching photos of animal life in abandoned houses.

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