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    15 Celebrities Incredibly Prettier With Age

    Today they are – recognized handsome: their faces adorn the covers of magazines, they are constantly talking and writing. But many of today’s celebrities in youth it was hard to even call pretty. Photo Vide gathered evidence that there is always hope. Celebrities Incredibly Prettier With Age: George Clooney January Jones Chris Pine Taylor Swift […]

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    Creative and Practical Ways to Use LEGO

    For the last several decades, LEGO has been a standard toy staple found in pretty much every home that has kids (or nostalgic adults) in it. They were first created by a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1934; since then, over 400 billion of the familiar plastic bricks have been made. Photo Vide […]

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    Stunning Cityscapes from Remy Salva

    Remi Salva is a talented freelance photographer who was born and raised in Toulouse, France, currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Remy received a bachelor’s degree from the Toulouse Business School and a master’s degree in photography at the Speos Institute in London. He lived and traveled in many places in search of hidden […]

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    Beautiful Nature in Photos of Ross Lipson

    Ross Lipson is a landscape photographer based in Bend, Oregon. After attending college in Michigan, Ross began travelling across the country. The journey stirred within him a passion for the beauty of the world around him, documenting the thing he saw through his photography. Ross’ style is noted by his talent for capturing vibrant colors […]

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    Amazing Photos of Road Junctions by Peter Andrew

    Canadian photographer Peter Andrew trying to do amazing things. For him, photography is the process of turning ordinary things into something that will make you look at these pictures, because it’s so incredibly exciting and beautiful. The photographer wants to show the world the way he sees it. “I try to make things that are […]

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    Photo Project by Marcus Palmqvist “the Fall”: Elegance and Drama in Every Shot

    Marcus Palmqvist focuses on elegant, and at times dramatic falls of models. No one is immune from falling.
    This can happen at any time. To slip, to stumble, to fall or twist an ankle.
    And in such moments, catching in his glances, I want to sink into the ground in the literal and figurative sense of the word. But that’s just not the case with the models caught in the camera lens Marcus.
    Here, each of them purposely demonstrates this action, desperately balancing, trying to keep his balance, or the opposite and completely stretched on the ground in the most ridiculous position.
    In his series of «Impossible balance» («Balance is Impossible»), he skillfully combined the fashion elements of dance, the attempts of gravitation and all the dramatic «charm» of the fall. Nevertheless, for most it remains a mystery what really wanted to tell the author of this work. Continue reading

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    The Canadian sells a farm with a collection of 340 rare cars

    Canadian Mike Hall for the past 40 years has replenished its collection of more than 340 vintage cars. Among which there are a lot of classic Plymouths, Fords, Chevrolets, Buicks and Dodges. At some point the hobby got out of control, the collector bought up to 3 cars a day. After several years of nagging his wife, the Canadian decided to sell everything at once. The farm in Tappen, British Columbia, includes 2 hectares of land, a completely renovated two-bedroom house, a workshop and a collection of cars, all sold for 1.45 million dollars. Continue reading

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