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30 St Mary Axe: Best Skyscraper in 2003, England

Skyscraper 30 St Mary Axe in the style of the bio-tech, with the elongated rounded received a popular nickname “The Gherkin”, the Swedish company Skanska has built in 2001-2004 by Norman Foster. 40-storey building with a height of 180 m in the business center of London. The building was built in 2001-2004 by the famous architect Norman Foster on the site of the Baltic Exchange, damaged by bombing in 1992 of the Irish Republican Army. The cost of construction – $ 400 million. In 2004, the project received the prestigious annual James Stirling (the Royal Institute of British Architects), and in 2003 – an annual award Emporis Skyscraper Award for best skyscraper in the world.

01-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 02-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 03-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 04-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 05-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 06-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 07-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 08-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 09-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 10-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england 11-30-st-mary-axe-best-skyscraper-in-2003-england

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